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  1. Bev
    Bev says:

    As the LOCAL COMMUNITY activity within walking distance of home, Chaddy Bowls gives me the ability to play LAWN BOWLS with the diverse bowling community – from school age to the over 90s both female and male, several times a week OUTDOORS.

  2. Josh
    Josh says:

    We held our daughters first birthday here. Wonderful community feel and very welcoming. This beautiful club should be preserved for future generations.

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    We have been members of CBC for a year. Our main reason for joining CBC was because it is within walking distance of home; which as we age will become essential for our continued participation. All members, across varying age groups, have been very welcoming and we immediately felt at home at CBC. If we loose CBC I fear for our older members who will more than likely have to cease bowling as having to travel further away will be too difficult for them.

  4. Michael Madden
    Michael Madden says:

    The Chadstone Bowls Club is about much more than playing bowls.The outsider might see the greens the players the pennant uniforms but what is harder to see is the Chaddy Bowls COMMUNITY.At Chaddy hundreds of men and women share an interest in bowls but importantly share a deep interest in the lives,families and wellbeing of each other…births marriages and family events are celebrated and life’s losses and misfortunes are commiserated with.For older players the Chaddy community is a vital replacement for friendships lost through age retirement and death.Health experts constantly remind us that social connectedness remains a key factor in individual physical and mental health.
    I have one question for the feasibility study group..
    “How will you measure the cost of the loss of this human capital if you decide to destroy Chaddy Bowls Club?

  5. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Came here as a little girl with my grandmothers, one of which still plays here. Despite losing her memory, she still remembers Chadstone bowls and comes twice a week to play! Chaddy bowls keeps her active and gets her out during the week – she loves it. I’ve also been to barefoot lawn bowls with friends and had a great time! Would be sad to see such a meaningful place with so many memories disappear.

  6. Steve Cook
    Steve Cook says:

    I have been a member of this club long before I was a member of the Bowls club.
    I joined the Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club in 1977. For me it has been a sporting club, a social club, a meeting place, a venue for private functions and a well used community facility. Far more people use this place than just bowling club members. People feel welcome and safe in the club and bar environment. On Friday afternoons when barefoot bowls is conducted, many local residents participate and everyone enjoys the social and friendly atmosphere.
    The thought that this would be replaced by a netball stadium is a sad reflection on what the council must think of this great community sporting club.
    I find it very disappointing that you would consider replacing this club.

  7. Bronwen
    Bronwen says:

    I was a member of the Tennis Club and Mum & Dad of the Bowling Club between 1966 and the early 1980s. I am appalled that all the work we put into fundraising to build the original bar area is to be so easily taken away. As a 20 something tennis player, we enjoyed popping in after our matches to chat with the bowlers and other participants of the Chadstone Civic & Recreation Club. It was the only experience I had growing up where all ages shared sporting success . . . and the stories!!!! A huge loss to the community, not just physically but also socially.


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