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9 January 2018

Australia Day Tournament Flyer See Events  – please let Nigel or Wyn know if you are available to assist on the day. There will be a list at the club later in the week

Jack Attack –  there are plans to run this format over 4 weeks mid February which will require volunteer members to assist – more information to follow

Bowls Vic Pennant 2018-19 – check  link https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lotkoem01seymd/bvpennantchangesdraft1801.pdf?dl=0

And they are both still around January 2018!

20 December 2017 

Chadstone Club Championship Final – on a beautiful warm Sunday

Men’s     Steve Lister vs Gary Tarrant               Gary won 3 of the 1st 5 ends. At end 21 there had been 12 ones, but Steve had won 3s and 4s in this event which Gary wasn’t able to match.

After just 2 years bowling and lots of practice Steve Lister 2017-2018 Chadstone Club Champion!

Ladies     Bev Baxter vs Marian Lister               Marian won 5 of the 1st 7 ends, score Marian 6 Bev 3.  At end 21 there were 10 ones, Bev had woken up and won 11 ends, while Marian had won 10 ends with great precision bowls, including end 17 and 19, but Bev had won 3s and 4s to claim victory against Marian, a very keen novice bowler.                                                                  Bev Baxter 2017-2018 Chadstone Ladies Club Champion!


Christmas Dinner 10 December 6.30 for 7pm (Ian’s Catering- conformed plus Daniel’s Jazz) – a great night

Pennant – from the Umpires Chairman UPDATE – FURTHER  advice means that the WORDING of *‘CAN’ did not imply MUST

Latest update a number of changes to the 2017-18 COPs

                                     please take note and these are to be applied for this season

     (a) the finishing time on Saturdays for an interrupted match is now 6.00pm not 6.30pm

     (b) In the 19 Instantaneous Penalties 19.1 was removed due to differences to BA policy. 

As a result the penalties for

  1. Smoking           17. Personal Devices 8. Consumption of Alcohol 

are now more severe than previously

The first offence can still be a warning, but it *can result in an 8 shot penalty for Pennant

10  Nov

Melbourne Cup Quinella 1st Prize Paula Cocks, 2nd Robyn Lim, 3rd Carly Nicholls, Last James Syfridis


PENNANT – Please be responsible when your team is Early or Late Duty


Check Flags, Scoops, Jacks, Mats, Umpire equipment – set up – Robert usually does this

Tables – Rink numbers, serviettes, raffle tokens

SATURDAY – Servery used for tea and coffee

(Consider using URN if 2 teams home – needs to be filled, turned on- OFF)

  • Foam Cups, either side ( or those using mugs – need to wash and put them AWAY please)
  • 3 hot water jugs for coffee side,1 for tea side, milk
  • 1 or 2 large teapots with 6 tea bags
  • Biscuits – sweet and dry – 1 packet of each for each player – can be one on one bowl or 2
  • Cheese – 1 portion per player in small bowls

MIDWEEK – cups, saucers, sugars, teaspoons etc from trolley in kitchen


  • Clear and wipe down tables, put rink numbers, serviettes away- cupboard under pennant board
  • Fill coffee, tea, sugar, teaspoon containers – stock in cupboard next to frig
  • If necessary – sweep – vacuum floor
  • Check flags, scoops, mats, and jacks all away

26 October

A soft copy of Fixture book including Night Pennant Draw p 104 can be obtained by emailing the Club

Please let Nigel know if you wish to play Tuesday Night Pennant restarts 14th January 2018 7.15


It is with pleasure that we the committee announce that Gary Tarrant has been appointed as club coach. Gary brings much experience and game knowledge that we need to make use of so we can gain the promotions for our teams. If you wish to have coaching please be sure to contact Gary. As coach Gary will be the main selector for the number 1 Saturday side, the other sectors Alan, Chris, Gary F will concentrate on the second and third sides.


On another note we are looking for volunteers especially for our Friday Night Barefoot Bowling. We need members to assist with cooking the BBQ and handing out the bowls. It will only be for approximately 2 or so hours from 5.30 – 7.30 at the most. This will assist to relieve the pressures and assist those of us that are working for the club. Please let Bev or myself know when you can help out.


24 October 2017

Invitation 4s (formerly Gala Day) 20 October 2017

Proudly sponsored by Bruce Caldwell Pharmacy (John Lam), Chadoak Pty Ltd and East Malvern Community Branch Bendigo Bank who ensure the ongoing success of these events, as do the bowlers who come along on the day

As per the Conditions of Play, there was only one two game winner, so the runner up went to the most shots up on the day.  It is possibly worth noting that following on from our Classic Day in April, a WOMENS Team from Mulgrave CC were the overall winners on the day

Winners – Mulgrave CC – Dianne Quigley, Helma Simpson, Marg Anderson, Barbara Eaton

Runners Up – MCC Kew Heights – Virginia Crean, G Unnin, Jill Donaldson, Rod Donaldson

Best 1st Game – Beaumaris – Linda Edwards, Frank Garden, Kevin Pattison, Wendy Davis

Best 2nd Game – Glen Waverley – Margaret Bryan, Sam Bennett, Trish Martin, Aileen Hill

On the day 16 teams- 2 games of 12 ends meant 192 ends in total with 1 x six, 8 x five, 10 x four, 23x three, 42 x two,108x a single shot. One team had 11 single shots in their 24 ends on the day and there were 6 games of just 19 shots over 12 ends
These events are not possible without the great VOLUNTEERING ethic of the LAWN BOWLS community from Ness Wallace – the Convenor, green preparation, bar staff to the mighty efforts of the members who provide the catering on the day.


Sandbelt Region Over 60s Pairs Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 October @ Chadstone both Mens and Ladies 15 ends saw our greens fully utilised with the Ladies Final 1pm on Thursday. Kathy Maskrey (Burden Park) – Seetha Hetti (Dandenong RSL & Rec) winning on the last end against Pam Loosemore- Mary Adams (St Kilda). Four Mens Teams played another 2 rounds on the Friday at Dandenong Club – won by T Nelson Burden Park- full results and photos on the Sandbelt Bowls Region website


29th September  Pre Afl event  – 20 teams entered   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kx6qj9tibvc13jm/AFLGF%20Eve%20Flyer%202017.jpg?dl=0

Sponsorship – Ron Williams would appreciate being contacted with any prospective sponsors so he can them follow up  email rlw@magazinemedia.com.au

This is a feel good story and why you should bank BBL. I’d be interested in any feedback you receive.

https://www.youtube.com/user/BendigoBankCommunity  George Prodromidis East Malvern Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank


25 August 2017

Vale –

  • Jim Egan died today – his funeral will be Thursday 11am @ St Mary Magdalen 10 Bowral St Chadstone followed by a wake at the Club about 12noon
  • Don Ellis’ daughter Diedre – 0411 562038 also rang to let us know he had also died – funeral details in the Herald Sun

Corner to Corner – over the last few weeks both Nobby Ward and Jennie Houston have achieved great outcomes although not quite,

All the BOWLING LADIES has currently been viewed by 1.07million,  with the LADIES giving interviews to London, New York, Israel. Please encourage all to visit the Residents against the Stadium and sign the petition

Saturday 29th July – Social Bowls @ 12.30pm but there will be BV (BPL Cup) event at 11am at the Club as well

Corner to Corner will be run about 3pm and will be closest to the $90 on the day


BPL CUP FORMAT – Two bowl triples.  Up to six players can be registered in one team (only three on the rink at any one time).  Allows for absentees and substitutes during matches. Players can only register for one unique team.

  • Two sets of five ends with a one-end tie breaker (if required).
  • One power play per team each set.
  • Match duration of 60-75 minutes.  Fast, fun format that allows all teams a good chance of winning.
  • All matches are knockout
  • $50 a team from the same club
  • Complete knock out event

Please consider entering Chaddy teams, even some of the new members to join in and play. The aim is to have all entries done via : https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=25293&OrgID=16084 ,  All winners of the regional events (Chaddy is hosting one) will progress to the State Final at Fitzroy Victoria on 24 September. Whoever wins that event will then travel to QLD for the BPL Cup final at Pine Rivers where the BPL event is played during 14-17 November. This is a national event in which Chadstone are a part of.

HOODIES – Bowls Vic Approved –  have been ordered see Nigel




Visit https://www.facebook.com/residentsagainstthestadium for more information

MACA awards





















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