Weekly News January 2018

15 January 2018
following on from Last Saturday as per BV Conditions of Play August 2017 (these are available on Bowls Vic website)
Division 4 Sect 6 Chadstone 1– 3 matches completed Division 5 Sect 7 Chadstone 2 – 1 match completed Division 7 Sect 6 – 2 matches completed – 5 matches in each section
35 Points will be shared by Sides when all matches scheduled for that day are abandoned.
36 Points when play is abandoned and less than half the matches in the Section are completed
36.1 All matches in that Section are deemed a tie.
36.2 A forfeit or walkover in that Section will count as a completed match. Each Side will share equally the maximum points available. It will be a tie unless the scores are such that one Side must win the match if all the remaining ends were played.
62 When Play cannot commence
62.2 If after 1 hour of play being suspended the match cannot commence, the match is abandoned.
63 Play cannot continue after play has commenced
63.1 If at any time after play commences, play cannot continue, play may be suspended for up to 1 hour.
63.2 Every effort must be made to complete any ends in progress prior to leaving the green.
63.3 If after 1 hour of play being suspended play cannot recommence, the match is abandoned.
Clubs may not play on a Sunday unless approval is granted by BV.

Note there are copies of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls which include the Domestic Regulations available at the Club for $9 or utilise the club copies as required

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