Why save Chaddy Bowls and UPDATES


13 May 2019

Detailed design work underway to implement Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park

Following the adoption of a Masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park, detailed design work to guide development of the sporting facilities and park improvements has started.

This will involve meetings with sporting clubs and organisations in the coming weeks to finalise the design of facilities and begin planning for construction, which is expected to start in 2020.

Further detailed site analysis and survey work will start this month in the areas of the park where the sporting facilities will be positioned.

Updates are also posted on Council’s website where you can find information about the project.







On Wednesday 23 November 2016, Council officers met the Presidents of the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club to advise them that Percy Treyvaud Park and the Chadstone Bowls Club were now the preferred site for the new home of the Prahran Netball Club.

20 August 2018  UPDATE

Development of a draft masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park  – July drop in session and survey report will be available  when finalised at

The Stakeholder Group for the Multipurpose Indoor Sport and Recreation Facility at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park is  meeting regularly – summary notes at with contact details of representatives. Alternatively  to stay informed subscribe to  email updates via Connect Stonnington.

Remember to connect to the to share or air your views

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Members Update May 2018

Members Update March 2018

The Save Chaddy Bowls Committee have decided it is appropriate to hold an open meeting for our members – to update and to provide you the opportunity to ask questions and suggest feedback.

As the local community has supported the Club so wonderfully we’re extending the invitation to them, via a letterbox drop, to also attend the meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Chadstone Bowls Club on

 THURSDAY 22 MARCH 7– 8 pm.

 The State of Play

On 21 November 2016 Councillors considered a confidential report seeking approval to:

  1. Recommend a site for a new four-court indoor stadium within Stonnington to be used primarily for netball and basketball: and
  2. To seek endorsement to undertake a detailed feasibility study into the construction, management and operation of the stadium on the proposed site.


  • Chadstone Bowls Club did not fit the criteria Council had used to select a site but unbelievably was “endorsed as the preferred site”.


Documents from the 5 December 2016 Council meeting stated:

“the next stage of the Stonnington Indoor Stadium project is to undertake a feasibility study on the proposal to construct a new indoor stadium on the site currently occupied by the Chadstone Bowls Club.  The purpose of the feasibility will be to recommend to Council to either implement, amend, postpone, stage or abandon the proposal.”
To assist Councillors in their decision “Key elements of the feasibility study (would) include: Preparation of a detailed concept plan, construction cost plan and identification of any funding options”


  • Council has since admitted it did not include these “key elements” in the feasibility study.
  • They have voted to proceed with something despite not knowing what it looks like, and more importantly no knowledge of how much it may cost immediately or in the future.
  • Council did not deliver on their own resolution but has instead completely ignored “key elements” of whether the project was actually “feasible” on the “endorsed site”.


Instead, at the 31 October  2017 Council Meeting the following resolution was passed:


That Council:

  1. Note the contents of the Stonnington Indoor Sports Stadium Feasibility Study.
  2. Confirm Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park as the location of a new multipurpose sport and recreation facility to host:
    o Four Indoor Sports Courts;
    o Chadstone Bowls Club;
    o Chadstone Tennis Club;
    o Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club; and summer and winter season users of the sportsgrounds including Chadstone Lacrosse Club.
  3. Consults with Chadstone Bowls Club and its members to discuss their facility preferences, and confirm their preferred option and bowling capacity to accommodate its program of events and activities.
  4. Develop a Project Management Plan to initiate a Master Plan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.
  5. Provide regular community updates on the development of a master plan and the opportunities for community input to that process.

We thought the Feasibility Study was a sham and have been proven right. A feasibility study by its very definition is to decide if something is capable of being done – in this case, was it viable, realistic or practical to build an indoor stadium on the Bowls Club site?


Council’s actions show it is not viable as they have decided to include the whole of Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park in a Master Plan. There is no way the site can accommodate/host all the users mentioned and their needs without encroaching on public open space.


Furthermore what started out as a projected cost of $22.5 million (Council attachment 21 November 2016) skyrocketed to $36.4 million (30 October 2017) and who knows how much this bigger and more extensive “Master Plan” will cost. Estimations are expected to exceed $50 million.


At the end of February 2018, Council sent out an “invitation” to local residents to become members of Council’s “Stakeholder Group’, although “preference will be given to residents who are not members of the community and sporting organisations represented on the Stakeholder Group”. 


If you want to apply, you will need to fill out an application form so the “selection panel” (of whom two out of the three were the most vocal advocates for the stadium) can consider your application. “Applicants may be requested to provide referees”! The selection committee will “determine whether interviews will be conducted if you meet the criteria”! You will also need “to sign a Code of Conduct” before you will be appointed!


First it was the “Farceability Study” now we have the “Shamholders Group”!


So where to from here?


No doubt you all have many questions.


You want to know what this means for the Chadstone Bowls Club and if you are a local resident what this means for you.


Many of you would have received the recent leaflet from Buxton’s Real Estate inviting you to have your properties valued and perhaps make a decision regarding your properties before the stadium is built.


Come along on Thursday 22March for an update and participate in a discussion about how this affects you.


SAVE THE DATE – Monday 21st August, five weeks from now, when the latest Council motion is back for review. We hope to have a large group of members and residents at this important Council Meeting.




2nd August 2107 Please do this today as time is of the essence.

If you haven’t seen our “All the Bowling Ladies” video yet – where have you been!

The video has been watched by over 1 million people worldwide.

We have had requests to use the video from:

BBC World News

BBC Singapore


AFP Australia & South Pacific

Radio National Australia

NBC Universal


ABC China

inews UK

Channel 2 Israel

Channel 9 news

Channel 7 news


Today Show

Radio stations from across Australian and New Zealand

Print media such as:

Herald Sun


NY Times

Time Magazine

Daily Mail

However whilst the video has been an amazing success we still need FIVE Councillors to vote to abandon Chaddy Bowls as the preferred site for the proposed Indoor Stadium.  We are lobbying Councillors to put up an urgent motion to this effect at Monday nights Council Meeting.

Whilst the video has reached a worldwide audience our Council is only concerned with the local reaction.  Therefore we need to be very busy in the next couple of days.

We are urging everyone to write one letter and then send that letter to ALL of the following publications:

Leader newspaper  –

The Age

Herald Sun

We also ask that you ring:

Neil Mitchell at 3AW on 131332 or email Neil Mitchell at 3AW

Tom Elliott at 3AW on 131332 or email Tom Elliot at 3AW

John Faine at ABC on 1300 222 774

Here is a list of suggested points you may wish to include:

  • Stonnington keeps saying it hasn’t made a decision yet – but it has.  They endorsed CBC as the preferred site for the new Indoor netball stadium.
  • There is no child in Stonnington that is not able to play netball or basketball due to lack of courts.
  • Why would Council spend $25 million of ratepayers money to build the stadium on the CBC site when there are 3 stadiums and 32 netball courts within 4.3km radius.
  • Why are netballers more important than bowlers
  • CBC is more than a bowls club – it is my link with the community and my friends – if you take this away I don’t know what I would do
  • I feel very anxious and I think Stonnington Council is very cruel to be taking so long to make a decision
  • Why should we be relocated – its not easy for older people to restart somewhere else
  • This is ageist and we will fight Stonnington all the way – including the Human Rights Commission
  • Stonnington Council says there is a need for an indoor netball/basketball stadium because  there are 3000 registered netball and basketball players – but if they are registered that means they are already playing somewhere.
  • Why do netballers need an indoor stadium, most netball is played outside.  If people in the 80’s can play outdoors surely young people can too
  • This isn’t fair and the whole world knows it
  • The Mayor keeps saying “we are listening to the people” – which people because she certainly doesn’t seem to be listening to me.

Please do this today as time is of the essence.

The Save Chaddy Bowls Committee  e: business

and e: for Bowls concerns

The Save Chaddy Bowls Committee

Nigel is the Bowls Club President and has been for 5 years, he has also served as club secretary and been a Committee member for over 20 years.

Alan is the President of the Chadstone Recreation & Civic Club which is the body that oversee the management of the bowls and tennis clubs and is the licensee of the bar. Alan has held this position for 2 years. He has also been a selector, bowls director and Committee member.

Jenny is a former Stonnington Citizen of the Year and was instrumental in the saving the Chadstone High School site and was the co-ordinator of the Phoenix Park playground build. A project that took 8 months to develop and five yes five days to build (many of you probably helped build it!)

Denise was a Councillor for the City of Stonnington (1996-1999).  She ran for Council to stop the selling of the Chadstone High School site for medium density housing and with a group of committed residents saved the site and obtained the funding for the Phoenix Park library and Community Centre.

18 July 2017.

SAVE THE DATE – Monday 21st August, five weeks from now, when the latest Council motion is back for review. We hope to have a large group of members and residents at this important Council Meeting.


Following on from the Ward Meeting, we advised that we had committed to ‘provide information to Council that would prove to them we are a vibrant and growing club and would outline all other activities that took place at CBC that had so far gone unacknowledged by Council’.T

The Save Chaddy Bowls Committee have been regularly meeting with Grant Smethurst to provide this information and a report is in progress / partly completed detailing all the activities and information requested by council.

Tony Oulton also said that Council was going to publicly release the list of nine sites that made Council’s short list. We note that these nine sites have not been released publicly.

Glenn Weston from Public Place was the consultant appointed to do the Social Impact Study portion of the Feasibility Study. You may have met Glenn at one of the Community Forums or at the very successful Community Dinner on Sunday, 25th June. Glenn also met  with CBC members at the club today to hear their concerns.

The 10 Community Forums were very well attended, thank you all for getting along to these sessions. Between those sessions and Council’s online survey, we are hoping Council heed what was told to them by the local community.



A motion was passed at Monday night’s Council Meeting to consider three possible alternate sites for the Indoor Stadium. A consultant has been appointed to review these sites and report back to Council in six weeks time The three sites are the Malvern Valley Golf Course, the car park opposite the East Malvern RSL Club site and the Orrong Romanis Reserve.

What does this mean for us? Nothing, because until they abandon the motion that has us, Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park as the preferred site for the stadium, we are still in jeopardy.


The campaign directed at Kelly O’Dwyer and the Federal funding she obtained to go towards the Stadium gathered momentum when Kelly came out and actively encouraged people to complete the survey to support locating the Stadium at the Percy Treyvaud Park. As a result of this the CBC wrote to Kelly, formally advising her that her ‘support’ is no longer appreciated, and that her advertising banner would be returned to her.

Despite repeated phone calls and an office visit, Michael O’Brien’s office still has not confirmed a follow up meeting  to hear our concerns.


As we previously advised, letters were sent to:Hon Greg Hunt (Federal Minister of Sport) re the funding and

  • Hon Martin Foley (Victorian Minister for Ageing)

A follow up letter has been sent to Greg Hunt as he has not responded.

Martin Foley’s response was a big handball. He has sent our letter to John Eren, Minister for Sport.

We wrote to the Victorian Electoral Commissioner, requesting they conduct another election for East Ward as we believe we were denied our democratic right to question prospective candidates on their stance re the Indoor Stadium. They advised we need to address our concerns to the Local Government Department. A letter has now been sent to the Minister for Local Government Natalie Hutchins, asking her to investigate Stonnington Council and it’s process regarding this matter.

The letter sent 16th June to council regarding our rescind motion has finally been answered. Our request was denied.

We have written to Victoria’s Auditor General, requesting a performance audit into Stonnington Council, as we believe they are not complying with relevant legislation.

You will find these, and any other correspondence sent or received on the ‘Wall of Shame’ inside the newly renovated bar area at the ChaddyBowls Clubhouse.

The Tennis Club has written to Stonnington Council supporting the CBC. To date we are not aware of any other sporting groups writing to Stonnington Council. This is understandable knowing that most sporting bodies are reliant on the goodwill and favour of the Council, so are unwilling to speak out against this ill informed decision.

  • 3,000 “Council has been found out” flyers were delivered locally.
  •                 A letter from Ron McBride was delivered further afield in Malvern. Around 3,000 of these letters were delivered.

We submitted a FOI request for the At Leisure report Council based its report to Councillors on and the full Council Report that was presented “in confidence” to Councillors on the 21st November.  Council waited until their deadline had almost expired before they responded to our Freedom of Information request, their answer was to reject it. The reasons given by council were appalling, their finest are listed below:

  • ‘disclosure may lead to confusion and unnecessary debate’
  • ‘disclosure of the information may mislead or misinform the public’
  • ‘disclosure may undermine the deliberative processes of Council’ and
  • ‘disclosure of the document is contrary to the public interest’.

We have now asked for a review from the Freedom of Information Commissioner. Both letters are on display at the CBC on the “Wall of Shame’.


We need to let the Councillors from these wards know that the decision to locate the Stadium to the site of the CBC is wrong, and needs to be voted against. It’s imperative that the North and South Ward Councillors feel the pressure to abandon the motion that Percy Treyvaud is the preferred site for the Indoor Stadium.

This pressure will only come from residents in their own wards. Do you know anyone living in Prahran, South Yarra, Hawksburn, Toorak, Windsor, Kooyong or Malvern?  If you do, ask them to contact their Ward Councillors telling them they do not agree with Councils decision. Contact details for these North and South Ward Councillors are at the bottom of this newsletter.

We are also planning to take our yellow ribbon campaign further afield, to some strategic areas in the North and South Wards.


Work is in progress on a ‘cracker’ of a video – please ‘like’ it and pass it on to your Facebook friends when you see our latest effort pop up on Facebook.


We will be presenting the Petition to Council in the near future so we are urging everyone to make a huge effort to get as many signatures as possible. If you would like to door knock your street or local area asking your neighbours to sign the petition, you can get a blank petition page from the Bowls Club Bar. We are on our way to having it be the biggest petition Stonnington has ever received. We plan to submit our petition to council some time before the meeting on the 21st August, and need to get all the signed sheets returned to the bowls club no later than the 6th August.


Thanks to the following for their contribution to the cause over the last six weeks

  • Ron McBride for allowing us to tell his story in the letterbox drop.
  • Community Dinner organisers – Bernadette Clegg and Meredith Dimattina, and helpers on the day and night – Leanne Arnott, Kay Thompson, Karen Jolly, Sue Fettes and Dorothy Alexandrou.
  • Kim Taunt and his business Dataforms Printing for printing our two lots of flyers
  • MEG (Malvern East Group) who continued to promote our cause. To support MEGs efforts, don’t forget to renew your annual membership and $5 fee with them.
  • SIGNS– There are still some “No Stadium” signs available for supporters. If you live in a prominent location and would be willing to put up a sign let us know via this email address.  The large “SAY NO TO THE STADIUM” sign has now been installed on the Chadstone Road fencing.
  • YELLOW RIBBONS – More yellow ribbons are available from the bowls club if you would like to spread them around locally or in fact anywhere in Stonnington.
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – we’ve had some great letters published by The Leader, please keep them coming. We’ve heard that Council think that we are all tiring of this campaign. Let’s prove them wrong.
  • SAVE THE DATE – Monday 21st August, five weeks from now, when the latest Council motion is back for review. We hope to have a large group of members and residents at this important Council Meeting.

 13 June 2017

This update is to advise you that the Chairman of Prahran Netball Association, Marg Connellan, recently sent an Urgent News Bulletin to PNA members.  It   contained wrong and misleading statements that needed to be corrected

  •  “Council has offered to relocate the Chadstone club to the Malvern East RSL”
    Chadstone Bowls Club has never received an “offer” to relocate to the Malvern East RSL. We will not accept relocation – CBC site is our home, our Club built it and we are not going anywhere. 
  • “The Malvern East RSL club has two bowling greens which are not being used”.
    There are no bowling greens at Malvern East RSL and haven’t been since 2011.  The site being referred to is now a car park and storage area. Furthermore, if there were room enough for CBC to relocate there would be room enough for an indoor stadium!

We have emailed PNA members with the correct information as bolded above.

We have also written to Ms Connellan requesting that she retract the statement “Council has offered to relocate the Chadstone BowlsClub to the Malvern East RSL”, as it is a complete fabrication.

We have no idea if a Stonnington Councillor or Council Officer has given PNA this information.  We are very interested in Council’s reaction to the statement it “offered to relocate Chadstone Bowls Club to Malvern East RSL”, as the statement infers that Stonnington Council is looking at relocation sites BEFORE the feasibility study has finished.

This would render the entire process a sham and call into account the integrity of Council and any Councillors willing to continue on with it.

We urge you to attend the upcoming community “workshops” and let Council know that you consider the feasibility study to be a farce and that it should be abandoned immediately and before anymore ratepayer monies are wasted.

25 May 2017


The East Ward Meeting was undoubtedly successful in letting Council and Councillors know that we were very unhappy with their indoor stadium proposal.

Council Officer Tony Oulton contacted Alan Jolly the following week asking to meet with us.  This took place on May 2nd.  Alan started the meeting by saying that due to Councils lack of transparency and consultation there was very little trust placed in them by CBC. We reiterated that CBC was not going anywhere regardless of the outcome of any “feasibility study”.

CBC would however provide information to Council that would prove to them we are a vibrant and growing club and would outline all other activities that took place at CBC that had so far gone unacknowledged by Council.

Tony Oulton said that Councillors and Council Officers attended a post ward meeting briefing on the Monday following the meeting. They reviewed the process to date and acknowledged that Council could have done things in a better manner

Tony Oulton said legally Council Officers could only act on motions endorsed by Councillors and so far the only motion that has been endorsed is to do a feasibility study on the CBC site.

He said the next phase was to “engage with us” and “get a detailed understanding of what goes on here”.

Tony also said that Council was going to publicly release the list of nine sites that made Council’s short list. To date, we note that these have not been released.

The consultants @Leisure who were to do the engagement with CBC have been “sacked” and Council officers (Tony Oulton & Grant Smethhurst) would now do the consultation with CBC members.

They advised us there would be 10 Community Forums for the local community in which 30-40 people per session could attend.  People would be advised of this via a Council letter box drop.  They said this letter box drop would be done by the end of May.

They also said they would get back to us with an outline of where we go from here by Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week (May 9th, 10th). We put off doing this update to you so that we could incorporate their information. At this stage we have no further information from them.

So post the ward meeting where are we now?  Nothing much has changed – Council still has its original motion in place and we are still the only site that is having a feasibility study done on it.

We believe Council is trying to slow the process down in the hope that the community will lose interest, or just get tired of fighting them.  Despite all their talk there still has not been any consultation with the community regarding this matter.


We have started a campaign directed at Kelly O’Dwyer and the Federal funding she obtained to go towards the Stadium. We believe this funding should not be used to displace one sporting group to advantage another.  We urge you all to write to Kelly O’Dwyer letting here know that you are a voter and that this is not how you want your tax paying money spent.  We have also written to Hon Greg Hunt (Federal Minister of Sport) re the funding and Hon Martin Foley (Victorian Minister for Ageing) asking for his support.


We have contacted local sporting clubs, urging them to write to council on our behalf, as a sign of unity from all sporting groups in the area.


We have also contacted the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission regarding discrimination against the Bowls Club members. We made an application on behalf of one of our members. Following this, the Commission has contacted Council regarding our complaint, but because at this stage no decision has been made to close the bowls club, action cannot be formally undertaken. However, if needed, we can resume this form of action in the future.


Two Freedom of Information requests have been submitted to the Council requesting documents containing further information surrounding the decision to relocate Prahran Netball Association to our area. We are waiting on council to provide that information to us.


We attended South Ward and North Ward meetings over the last few weeks. No mention of need for netball courts and no representatives from PNA present at the South Ward meeting. There were around 40 attendees at each of these meetings. A local Malvern East resident, Claude, asked a question about Council transparency re the CBC. Interestingly, Melina Sehr (South Ward Councillor) stated that Council was looking at other sites in addition to our site. So far, no official confirmation has been received regarding this.


A new video has been put together featuring some prominent sports people. You can find it in the Save Chaddy Bowls section of the CBC Website under ‘What Chaddy Bowls means to me’. It is also being circulated via Facebook by the Residents against the Stadium.


Raelene Boyle, a regular attendee at the Bowls Club over the years, has thrown her support behind CBC even further, by attending the Council meeting on Monday 21st May. She submitted questions to council to publicly show the Council that she is 100% behind the Save Chaddy Bowls campaign.

  • SIGNS– 20 more “No Stadium signs” have been printed. If you live in a prominent location and would be willing to put up a sign let us know via this email address.  Another sign (SAY NO TO THE STADIUM) for the Chadstone Road fencing has been ordered and will be on display very soon.
  • PETITION – If you haven’t signed our Petition, it is available at the CBC, The Valley Cafe and Chadstone Motors
  • YELLOW RIBBONS – The Yellow Ribbon campaign is creating a lot of discussion within the community and is doing a great job of creating more awareness about the Save Chaddy Bowls movement further afield. More yellow ribbons are available from the bowls club.
  • SAVE THE DATE – Our first Sunday Night Community Meal will be held 25th June 6-8pm. Details to follow.

Keep your suggestions coming through. We are also receiving suggestions via the Residents Against The Stadium Facebook. Don’t forget to like this page ‘Residents against the Stadium’. (For those not Facebook savvy, ask your kids or grandkids to do this for you).

28 April 2017

We have been very tardy in not sending this out sooner – our apologies.

We take this opportunity to welcome all our new members


Since Stonnington Council advised the Bowls Club of its intention to build an indoor stadium on the bowls club site we have been very busy trying to stop this.

So busy in fact that we haven’t had time to let you know what we’ve done or why.

  • Tried to stop the feasibility study going ahead by lobbying Council and presenting a petition of 270 signatures in December 2016 asking for it not to go ahead – unsuccessful
  • Worked out a strategy for the “long fight”.  No use doing everything at once if Council are not making a decision until August/September.  Need to be aware of supporter “fatigue” and using the media to our advantage over a long period of time.
  • Started a new petition to ask Council to vote to abandon proposal – so far over 950 signatures.
  • Meeting with local members of parliament, Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien putting forward our position and leaving them with the message “This is wrong, we are not going anywhere and if you support this proposal you are in effect supporting the demise of the Chadstone Bowls Club”.
  • Built the “Save Chaddy Bowls” portion of the CBC website so that members and residents had access to all Council information regarding the proposal, information on how and who they could send letters to, other ways to help etc.- This site is a very successful means of communicating with our members and residents.
  • The website is constantly updated with questions from residents to Council and their replies
  • Composed and sent letters to Council CEO and Councillors outlining the reasons why Percy Treyvaud Park and CBC did not meet Councils stated criteria.
  • Increasing membership via the  “how you can help” campaign. Memberships have gone from 104 to over 350 and still climbing – a fantastic result!
  • Yellow ribbon campaign – An initiative to get people asking, “what are those yellow ribbons about”.  Not only is it getting people talking and reaching those outside of the Bowls Club, it got people asking for ribbons  – Lincraft at Chadstone is delighted!
  • Followed this up with letterbox drop of over 5,000 “Save Chaddy Bowls” Flyer and information – From Warrigal Rd to Burke Rd and everything in between!
  • Save Chaddy Bowls Banner for the Chadstone Road Fence
  • Questions to Council – We have sent questions to Council Officers every week since December.  This lets Council know that we are on to them.  The questions are targeted at the lack of transparency and inaccuracies in Council’s decisions and their often illogical justification of their decision to locate the indoor sports stadium on the CBC site. If their answers don’t make sense we ask again.  Council is fuming at the extra work and we have no intention of stopping. See all questions and answers on the SaveChaddy Bowls tab.
  • Have attended every Council Meeting since December to make sure Councillors know we are not going away and ensure that our questions to Council are read out and tabled.
  • Working in conjunction with the wonderful girls heading up the residents group “Residents Against The Stadium” and their fantastic work with their Facebook page.
  • Engaging with prominent sports people and celebrities (Mick Molloy, Raelene Boyle, John Fitzgerald and David Hussey) to help promote our cause
  • Organised an “Information Day” at the bowls club.  Something Council should have done but didn’t.  Displayed the relevant information and letterbox dropped over 5,000 leaflets inviting residents to come along and be informed.
  • Engaged with media outlets and have had three prime- time news stories that were sympathetic to our cause.
  • Compiled the “Indoor Sports Stadium: Project Update without the “spin” in answer to Councils dodgy project update.  Written, compiled, printed and delivered to over 2,500 residences with a 4-day turnaround!
  • Printed and distributed “Stop the Stadium” signs and erected these in prominent locations.
  • Letterbox dropped local community re Ward meeting inviting them to meet at Bowls Club and walk together to ward meeting.
  • Made and distributed yellow ribbon lapel badges to be worn at the Ward meeting,
  • Printed and handed out “how you can help” leaflets at this meeting.
  • Continue to promote the message “We are not going anywhere” which is being emphasized by the recent renovations to the clubrooms.
  • Continued scrutiny and review of the marketing information being released by council in their efforts to justify their decision
  • Review of materials and liaisons with the Council Officers and @Leisure (consultants appointed by Council) in an attempt to ensure that the feasibility study being conducted by Stonnington is transparent and that CBC has a fair representation in the process

All flyer and banner printing has been provided at little or no cost thanks to Ash from Ego Print (flyers and “without the spin”)& Trevor from Norwood Industries (posters).  Other costs have been the printing of resources for the Information Day, the fabric for the yellow ribbons and the laminating of posters.

We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped letterbox drop and local traders, Sue & Jimmy at Valley Café and Mark & Di at Chaddy Motors who support us by displaying our petition to be signed at their businesses.

Others activities and campaigns are planned for the future and we will keep you informed as to how you can help us Save ChaddyBowls.

In 2013, Prahran Netball Association (PNA) lobbied Council to search for a solution to allow more court space for netball at a local level. The local State member of Prahran at the time, Clem Newton-Brown, and federal politicians were also lobbied for funding.

As a result of the lobbying by PNA, Council formulated a 10-year plan including a $100,000 feasibility study for a multi-court indoor stadium at Orrong Romanis Recreation, Prahran; the home of PNA, where an indoor facility already existed.

Council then went on a prolonged journey of identifying potential new sites for PNA.

Council identified, and then rejected 51 sites because they did not meet the following criteria:

  1. Space – Large enough to accommodate a 4 court stadium and has existing car parks or space to allow for approximately 60 spaces
  2. Accessibility – on a main road and easily accessible by public transport
  3. Amenity – nearby residents or the environment would not be compromised
  4. Open space – the development would not result in the loss of open space
  5. Displacement – current sporting users would not be displaced
  6. PNA catchment – within PNA catchment area – west of Tooronga Road

The decision to nominate Percy Treyvaud and the Chadstone Bowls Club was made by Council, behind closed doors with no input/consultation with locals on  Monday 21 November 2016. The report of this decision stated that the Chadstone Bowls Club site addressed all but one of the above selection criteria.

The report’s recommendation is as follows:

  • Endorse Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park as the preferred site for the proposed Stonnington Indoor Sports Stadium.
  • Complete a feasibility study into the proposed development of an indoor stadium at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park with a minimum of 4 courts.
  • Include as part of the feasibility study opportunities to accommodate the Chadstone Bowls Club and/or its members at alternate locations and the future provision of active recreation programs and services for older adults as part of that study.

This information was made public at the Monday 5 December 2016 council meeting.

Since that time the Save Chaddy Bowls group was formed consisting of representatives from the Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club and local residents. This group has written to Council and Councillors pointing out that our site does not meet Council’s own criteria:

  1. There is no additional space for car parking: Council has documented that an underground car park would need to be constructed at a cost of $5.81million.
  2. Accessibility: Chadstone Road is a one lane each-way, secondary road. It is currently at capacity due to Chadstone Shopping Centre and is already bottle necked on Saturdays, when most netball would be played.
  3. Amenity: Nearby residents and the environment would be severely compromised, as according to Council’s own report there would be an “increase from “20,000 to 400,000 (annual) visits to the site”. Not only would nearby residents and their environment be compromised but a whole community would be.
  4. Open space: There would be a loss of open space due to the outdoor, green, lawn area being replaced by a huge built form.
  5. Displacement: Current sporting users would be displaced, as would the many social users.
  6. Outside of the PNA catchment area: Percy Treyvaud Park and Chadstone Bowls Club is located at the other end of the city, 8.8km away from the PNA current location.

Other reasons why Percy Treyvaud Park and the Chadstone Bowls Club is not suitable for the proposed stadium:


  • Within a 4.5km radius of Chadstone Bowls Club are three indoor stadiums and over 32 netball courts. This already makes Malvern East one of the best serviced areas for netball / basketball courts in Victoria.
  • The Prahran Netball Club current home is 8.8km away.


  • Council’s own study states that annual visitations to the site will increase from less than 20,000 to more than 400,000. This is a 2,000% increase in traffic in an area which is already under the stress due to the Chadstone Shopping Centre developments.

Contradicts Stonnington’s previous recommendations

  • This relocation is in direct conflict with Stonnington’s Recreation Strategy 2014 -2024 which recommends throughout its report that the Prahran area has insufficient sporting facilities for women. This will further decrease the sporting facilities for women in Prahran by moving the netball courts.
  • This proposal is also in direct conflict with Stonnington’s current Older Persons Strategy which states as one of its key actions “….increase participation of older people in organised sport by increasing participation in lawn bowls”.

No consultation with locals

  • The Chadstone Bowling Club members and local residents were not consulted at any stage before the decision was made to make Percy Treyvaud Park the preferred site.
  • Members and residents had no opportunity to point out that that the Chadstone Bowls Club is a vibrant club with increasing membership and is a vital focal point of the local community.

Misuse of ratepayer’s money

  • The Prahran Netball Club apparently have 795 Stonnington-based players. At an estimated cost of $25 million to be build the stadium, this equates to almost $31,500 per registered player to relocate the club.
  • Despite the best efforts of the Save Chaddy Bowls group to have the recommendation withdrawn, $100,000 of rate payers money will now be spent on a feasibility study to try and make this proposed relocation work.

This proposal is so illogical on so many points (not the least being that there is no need for more courts or an indoor stadium in our area) and ethically wrong in that it actively sets out to eradicate one sporting/community club so that another can expand. The Council’s motives, objectivity and standards are being brought into question.

Council should be consultative and transparent with this process, but the way in which they respond to questions asked regarding this proposal shows they’re moving the ‘goal posts’ to suit them. Please see ‘Questions to Council’ tabs for their contradictory answers.

Council has been unwilling to listen to reasonable, logical arguments to stop the feasibility study continuing.

Time to make a stand!

Our community must now tell Council loudly and clearly that we will not allow our park and our bowls club to be decimated so that Prahran netball club can expand.

What we don’t want  What we do want
An indoor sports stadium in our area. Consistency and transparency in Council decision making.
$25m of our rate payer money wasted. All members of our community (including the elderly) to have equal opportunity to participate in their chosen sport.
Traffic in our local area to increase by 2,000%. Social groups who use the bowls club to continue to do so.
Our local community to lose its character and facilities. Council to understand that the sense of belonging and connection to the community that the bowls club members and users have is relevant.
Our environment changed by increased traffic and noise. Council to know that this decision will have a massive, detrimental impact on those members of the community who, due to their age, are already disadvantaged in terms of social and sporting opportunities.
Our personal and property rights disadvantaged and economically affected. Council to understand that a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality will not be tolerated.
A visually unappealing structure to take the place of an open, green, lawn area.

What you can do to help

Here are some other ways you can help

  • Sign the petition and gain more signatures by spreading the word and encouraging others to sign it too – available at the Bowls Club and local traders on Chadstone Road .
  • Read all the information (see other tabs) so that you are aware of what Council is doing and saying and increase awareness by spreading the word.
  • Put up signs on your front fence, public noticeboard or shop windows to spread the word and show your support.
  • Write to the Stonnington Leader (even though they are running a ‘Support for Courts’ campaign)
  • Put a yellow ribbon on your street tree or gate to show your support and upload a photo to social media using the hashtag #savechaddybowls.
  • Contact your local Members of Parliament, Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien, and ask for their support.
  • Get your local school, kindergarten, sporting club to write to Council.
  • Attend any public meetings that Council may have during the feasibility study.
  • We will be contacting talk back radio – so get on and let them know how unhappy you are with this decision!
  • Tell your neighbours and friends and get them involved (as their rate money is being wasted too!)
  • If your friends live in other areas of Stonnington get them to contact their ward Councillors
  • ‘Like’ and add your comments to the Residents Against The Stadium Facebook page. For a copy of their newsletter, click here.

For more history about the Chadstone Bowls Club, click here.

What you can do to help

Mick2-borderWhat you can do to help

Here are some other ways you can help

  • Sign the petition and gain more signatures by spreading the word and encouraging others to sign it too – available at the Bowls Club and local traders on Chadstone Road.
  • Read all the information (see other tabs) so that you are aware of what Council is doing and saying and increase awareness by spreading the word.
  • Put up signs on your front fence, public noticeboard or shop windows to spread the word and show your support.
  • Write to the Stonnington Leader (even though they are running a ‘Support for Courts’ campaign). Click here for ‘How to voice your opinion’.
  • Put a yellow ribbon on your street tree or gate to show your support and upload a photo to social media using the hashtag #savechaddybowls.
  • Contact your local Members of Parliament, Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien, and ask for their support.
  • Get your local school, kindergarten, sporting club to write to Council.
  • Attend any public meetings that Council may have during the feasibility study.
  • We will be contacting talk back radio – so get on and let them know how unhappy you are with this decision!
  • Tell your neighbours and friends and get them involved (as their rate money is being wasted too!)
  • If your friends live in other areas of Stonnington get them to contact their ward Councillors
  • ‘Like’ and add your comments to the ‘Residents Against The Stadium’ Facebook page.

How to voice your opinion

Mick2-borderTo effectively get your message through to Stonnington Council or write Letters to the Editor we’ve listed some tips below.

For Questions to Council

Emails to be addressed as follows


Subject: Questions to Council – Chadstone Bowls Club

cc all councillors – Refer to list of councillors’ email addresses below.

  • Each person is allowed only five questions (per council meeting)
  • Questions must be submitted by 10 am on the day of the Council meeting (or before).
  • Questions must include the name and address of the questioner and the date of the question.

Questions submitted this way have to be acknowledged at the Council Meeting.

If the person who submitted the questions is at the meeting, a summary of the questions (e.g. Regarding Chadstone Bowls Club)  will be read out, and a written reply will be sent within 14 days of the council meeting date.

If the questioner is not present, the council will respond in their usual standard correspondence timeframe.

By submitting your questions this way, all Councillors will know that questions are being asked and it keeps the pressure on Council officers

If you send questions to a Councillor, they can chose to reply or not.

Questions by facsimile or email are acceptable, or contact the Civic Support Officer on 8290 1331 for further methods of submitting questions.

Stonnington Council advises that questions may be rejected if the question is, or is potentially, defamatory, indecent, offensive, abusive, objectionable in language or substance, irrelevant, trivial, aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a member of Council staff, outside Council’s powers or functions, which has been asked at a previous Council meeting and a reply issued.

To keep track of the information that council is using, would you please forward your responses received from Stonnington Council (answering your submitted questions) by email to:

Other Communications

For correspondence to a Councillor or Councillors or the CEO of Stonnington

Refer below for individual email addresses (Postal address 311 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144)

Suggested topics could be:

  • Why the bowls club is important to you
  • How long have you been a member
  • How has being a member been good for you or for others you know
  • What would you do if the bowls club wasn’t here
  • Share some history of the CBC
Mayor Cr Jami Klisaris

0427 333 471

Cr Glen Atwell

0429 106 772

Cr Sally Davis

0429 343 561

Cr John Chandler OAM

0417 771 288 

Cr Marcia Griffin

0429 239 413

Cr Matthew Koce

0419 147 352

Cr Steve Stefanopoulos

0437 118 718

 Cr Judy Hindle

0429 202 574

Cr Melina Sehr

0417 773 644

City of Stonnington

Chief Executive Officer 

Warren Roberts
phone: 8290 1333

For Letters to the Editor 

The Leader  


Mail: The Editor, Stonnington Leader, Level 10, HWT Tower, 40 City Road, Southbank Vic 3006

Letters should carry correspondent’s full name, address, email address and daytime phone number

The Age

Herald Sun

Know Your Council – complaint resolution

Council Documents

City of Stonnington Older Persons Strategy
Refer pages  2, 4, 6
Note this document has not been superseded

City of Stonnington Recreation Strategy 2014-2024
Refer pages  3,4,5,6,9,10,11,13,15,21,23,25,29

Report to Council 21 November 2016 – Done under Confidential Business:
Indoor Stadium Proposal

General Business 5 December 2016
8. Stonnington Indoor Stadium

Site Options
54 Sites considered by council

Media Release City of Stonnington 8 December 2016
Released two days after committing $100,000 to a feasibility study to determine if the Chadstone Bowls Club is the right place for the development

Confidential business
How often Stonnington makes decisions behind closed doors

Questions submitted at Council Meetings

Letters to Council

Email to Councillors 16-12-2016

Email to Council 31-01-2017 – this is the option Council should be considering

Letter to Mayor

12 December 2016, from the Presidents of the CBC and CR&CC

Letter of Concern, K Zeibell, 20 Apr 2017 and Mayor’s Response