Win up to $60 for a resting toucher in the ditch

RESTING TOUCHER IN THE DITCH at Chadstone Bowls Club Win up to $60 for a resting toucher in the ditch
at Social BOWLS Thursday, Monday, Saturday 12.30pm rollup
plus other social events contact the Club 9569 8549 or 0409017166 before this to indicate your participation

One of the nearly unbeatable bowls shots is a resting toucher in the ditch, it could be likened to a Golfers Hole in One    Since June 2011, Chadstone bowlers have this feat recognised with a monetary prize and certificate with photo of this great achievement, when it occurred on Chadstone Greens.

18 November 2017 – Nobby Ward a novice bowler (only joining in May ) achieved a ‘Resting Toucher in
the Ditch’- so as well as a craftsman – he fashioned this waistcoat,he is now a BOWLER
 2nd September 2017 Garry Byers – Congratulations Garry but just for the record. Bill Knight one of our new 2yr members on his FIRST Lesson – managed one too! It must have been his experience and talent with BOOMERANGS – isn’t it wonderful just how diverse the bowling community really is

On 16th May 2016, Kelly O’Dwyer  MP visited as a sponsor enjoying a roll on our greens
Tony Beer celebrated by managing a RESTING TOUCHER in the DITCH Congratulations!
Tony Beer achieved this Monday 16 May 2016 for a second time (last time was November 2013). Paul McBride is the only other bowler to have managed 2 Resting Touchers in the Ditch at Chadstone Bowls Club with 2 in 11 days Oct-Nov 2013
Currently, of the 14 since June 2011, only five bowlers have managed to achieve a RESTING Toucher in the DITCH in 26 months between March 2014 and May 2016


Marian Lister      29 September 2018
Nobby Ward       18 November 2017                   Garry Byers            2nd September 2017
Tony Beer            16 May 2016                              Graeme McCann   1 March 2016
Brett Grayden     26 January 2015                     Bev Duldig          29 July 2014       
Bev Baxter           3 March 2014                          Graeme Minniece 29 January 2014        
Gary Fettes          24 November 2013                 Tony Beer            18 November2013     
Paul McBride       7 November 2013                   Paul McBride      15 October 2013         
Maggie Summers 10 September 2013                 Jim Lightwood    19 November 2012
Ron Newbold      18 April 2012                           Rob Dunlop        21 November 2011