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28th November 2015 Saturday Pennant – Includes *Bowl of the Century – 2 SEVEN shot TURN AROUNDS!

Chadstone 1 lost to Cheltenham with Gary Fettes rink 8 to 19 down – 27 shots on 21 ends with 16 ones. Bill Harrison was 17 to 7 up at the break, 21 to 20 going into the last end – Bill had last bowl, we were 3 down, Cheltenham’s 3 bowls were within a foot of jack – Bill played a great shot moving jack back to our three back bowls – 4 up – end score 25 to 20 a 7 shot turn around! The other 2 rinks were 12 to 19 – also a very tight fought game and 16 to 40 – this obviously was a high scoring rink!


Chadstone 2 Bowl of the Century At Chadstone there was a *bowl played that brought back memories of Warnie’s ‘ball of the century’ to knock over Mike Gatting in England.

Alan Jolly’s team went to the break down 7 to 20 down. After tea they gradually pegged their Mulgrave Country Club opposition back, but were still 14 to 20 down after end 19, it looked like a brave but unsuccessful effort.

On end 20, Mulgrave held the shot but Chadstone had several around the head. With his last bowl AJ took out the opposition shot bowl from a very tight situation with his *bowl finishing beside the jack and Chaddy’s 5 near bowls produced a 6 shot result. Mulgrave’s skipper could not improve things with his last bowl.

End 21 all square at 20 all, again Mulgrave held the shot with a bowl 18 inches in front of the jack, Paul Mc Bride drew around the head to rest 12 inches away and the rest is history!

Fantastic bowling, fantastic fighting spirit by Alan, Andrew, Steve and Paul to snatch an heroic win.

Chadstone 3 experienced Cardinia Waters – with lots of bowls playing in the sand

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