October 2018



23rd October

Re 28th October- Club singles 10am – markers required please. Just for a couple of hours no experience required

SBR Novice Singles Champion 2018 Jennie Houston Congratulations!

On a tricky plastic green in gusty conditions Jennie won 13 of the 22 ends. After 12 ends score was 11 to 4, a great lead. But the opposition woke up and at end 16 it was only 12 to 11   Jennie was not to beaten winning 5 of the last 6 ends to take home the TROPHY


Night Pennant – starts 14th November 7.15pm – add your name to list if available to participate

Saturday Pennant 20 Oct  Chadstone 2 won but one rink 19 to 11 – just 28 shots over 21 ends with this including a 4 and two 3s  which meant over 18 ends it was just 18 shots a very tight game, with some ends decided by less than a cm.

28th October 10am – Club Singles – please call in- markers required – no experience required just an hour or two will be appreciated


18th October

Pennant News – 13th & 16th October ALL 5 SIDES WON –

The game is not over until the last bowl. Tuesday, on a slow bent grass green at Elsternwick Club, Rink scores were 3-12, 4-5, 9-5 at 7th end, 12-14, 8=16, 13-13 at 14st end, 17-18, 10-24, 18-17 at 19th end Big board score Chadstone  was 45- 59 – 14 shots down overall. Eyes on the BIG board. We won two 2s and a 4 next end and on the last end two 3s and a 2 meant overall score was 22- 18, 17-24 and 22-17 two rinks up 61 – 59 CHADSTONE 1 WON!

Congratulations Jennie! Next Monday 22nd October 2018 6.30pm Jennie Houston is playing the Sandbelt Bowls Region Ladies Novice Singles Final 6.30pm at Brighton Beach Bowls Club – South Rd. The winner goes onto play the State Final in Bendigo in April 2019

Draft masterplan for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park

On Monday 15 October 2018, Council endorsed that three concept site options developed for Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park be made available for comment as part of community consultation. A report and its attachments prepared for Council are available.

In response to issues raised in a meeting with residents on Tuesday 9 October 2018, a further concept site option (3a) will be developed as a variation to concept site option 3. This additional concept site option will also be available for consultation.

Consultation is expected to start in the coming weeks. More information, including responses to frequently asked questions and a timeline for consultation, will be shared once available.

10th October

Club Singles and Pairs

Singles 25 up –           Round 1 & 2    28 Oct

Pairs – 15 ends (Final 18 ends) entries close 18 October 2018 Round 1 4 November (Play on or before)

Next Friday 1 2th October –  1st Barefoot Bowls – Wyn & Dennis will organise Hot Dogs and Cheese $2.50

Congratulations Marian Lister achieved Resting Toucher in the Ditch 29th September 2018!

A very interesting article in Stonnnington Leader 6th September regarding the proposed indoor sports stadium at Percy Treyvaud park. Copies at the Club and on Residents Against Stadium Facebook Page

It turns out Percy Treyvaud park is subject to covenants preventing removal of soil or excavation from the site. So Council will have to seek to have the covenants lifted or modified before any work on the site can commence. What does this mean for local residents?

Well…it means that some of us may be considered “beneficiaries” of the covenants – that is, residents benefit from the existence of the covenants and to change them could result in residents (“beneficiaries”) suffering detriment. Furthermore, identified “beneficiaries” are able to object to the removal or modification of covenants. Imagine a group of residents being identified as “beneficiaries” of the covenants on Percy Treyvaud Park, all banding together to formally object to what we have known all along is inappropriate development of an area already under stress from close proximity to Chadstone Shopping Centre, with plenty of sports facilities located just on the other side of the council boundary!!!

Stay tuned…this is surely an unexpected but important development for all of us…

So someone is now listening to those who actually do the RESEARCH – The RESIDENTS! Congratulations PERCY TREYVAUD PARK and it’s current sporting activities areas significant OPEN SPACE and impact on the wider community. Percy Treyvaud is a LOCAL COMMUNITY RESOURCE

Pre AFL TRIPLES – Proudly sponsored by Garry & Warren Smith Oakleigh www.gws.com.au

22 teams from 21 Clubs (Chadstone, Clayton , Clunes, Elsternwick Club , Hampton RSL, Mentone, Fitzroy Victoria, Hampton RSL, Keysborough, Lilydale,  MCC, Mentone,  Moorabbin, Mulgrave CC,  Murrumbeena,  Phillip Island, South Oakleigh, St Kilda, Rye, Torquay, Williamstown)  played 4 games of 12 ends with winners decided by a 3 end playoff of best 4 teams.

Team Winners Anthony Flapper – Essendon, 2nd – Henny Cortenbach – Mulgrave CC, 3rd Sandi – Clayton  with  Best 4th Game Tony Lee South Oakleigh

BPL Cup State Final won by Lilydale and Caulfield Park Alma who now play off in Queensland


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