March/ April 2019

28 April 2019

Mixed Pairs      3 Bowl Pairs – 18 ends

Dianne Safford – Roger Fraser vs Bev Baxter- Frank Talarico On the glorious Anzac Day afternoon, Dianne and Roger won the first end, and they won a great 3 on the 5th end but by the 6th end Bev and Frank had drawn away to be 2 shots ahead . Frank and Bev were on a winning streak and determined to win as they had been runner up several times in previous years. Di and Roger were still in there fighting, winning 3 of last 5 ends played, but not by enough and as the game was only 18 ends they just ran out of ends.


Night Pennant –  Our tough battle for a position in the four was successful  As 4th on the ladder the semi final was played against Keysborough. This game was played out as a very close game losing by just 2 shots on the last end.

 27 March 2019

Chadstone Bowls Club – Saturday Division 4 Champions of Melbourne Metro

Saturuday Chadstone 1 team  showed their mettle, having a wonderful season winning all but two of the 18 games in the regular season. The critical semi-final win on Saturday 9th against Ashburton gave the team the much valued promotion to division 3. With victories against Vermont South, Caulfield Park Alma and Aberfeldie leading to the very close tussle in the Grand Final against Fairfield at Doncaster Bowls Club. Final score Chadstone 78 to 72, making Chadstone the Metropolitan Champions.

After very difficult circumstances with the club looking at being thrown out by the Stonnington councilClearly this team is a great combination and has the ability to march up through the divisions over the next few years. l.

Saturday  Chadstone 2 team  Division 5 bowed out in the first semi-final after having to travel into City of Melbourne.

Saturday Chadstone 3 team  battled on determinedly all season are integral to the success of  our pennant  game providing the opportunity for our new bowlers as well, and struggled for numbers when bowlers from the other teams were unavailable on a particular day  for many various reasons – which did often include other commitments and not necessarily illness or injury’

CHADSTONE BOWLS CLUB BOWLS  range from Size 00 to SIZE 4

These are available as a LOAN only for members use

As you:

  • borrow and /or return
    • please enter in the book IF YOU NEED TO TAKE them AWAY from the CLUB
  • They are available for ALL bowlers
    • so it is not appropriate to take even 2 bowls away long Term


If clarification is required contact NIGEL 0411 351306 or BEV 0409017166

Stock      8 sets of Dreamline            10 sets Whiteline                1 set      Taylor Redline

24 March 2019

Chadstone 1 were successful fulfilling their plan to win and win again – winning the DIVISION 4 FINAL against Fairfield on Saturday 23rd March at Doncaster Bowls Club a great outcome.

Early scores 10-4, 6-7, 5-4 10-6 Half Time 11-6, 10-9, 8-9, 12-11 4pm 55-40 4.22pm 66-56 with end score 16-21 17-21 21-20, 24-11 END SCORE 78- 73! GO CHADDY!

 11th March

Saturday Pennant

Chadstone 1 had a significant win against Ashburton so Chadstone 1 will move to Division 3 next year

On Sunday They then went onto to play Sectional Final against Vermont South at Bennettswood. After being 20 shots up early, at afternoon tea Chadstone were just 2 shots up overall.   At 79th end of the 84 Chadstone were about 10 shots up. Although Chadstone only won 1 rink, it was sufficient for a great win on the BIG Board 78 to Vermonth South 69.

Chadstone 1 now play further finals next weekend – venue and opposition will be available this Wednesday and they will practice Thursday night – all members welcome

Chadstone 2 – went to City of Melbourne, Flagstaff Gardens on Saturday, Chadstone won 2 rinksbut lost overall Chadstone 68 City of Melbourne 87, so will play Division 5 again next year. On Sunday City of Mebourne 87 won against Middle Park 67

Night Pennant

At the moment 4 teams are fighting for 4th place:

Cheltenham   & Mordialloc       65 pointsChadstone    62 points       Elsternwick Club 57 points

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