March 2018

12th  March

PRESIDENTS TRIPLES SATURDAY 17th and 24th March (only 2 weeks this year as Easter is 31st March) 24th March will be OLD BOWLS ( pre Classic 2)

OPEN TWO BOWL – the draw is up

 Saturday Pennant

Chadstone 1 despite being in the top 2 of the ladder for 13 of the 18 games it was a disappointing result in the semi final being beaten by Hawthorn 1 (81/92). Hawthorn 1 won the Section Final on Sunday against Camberwell Central.

Chadstone 2 managed to attain a place in the 4 for the last 4 games of the season, so also played in the semi-final being beaten by Mt Waverley (61/66). Mt Waverley were on top of the ladder most of the season and also won the Section Final on Sunday against Auburn

Chadstone 3 comprised many of our novice bowlers and gave depth to the season without great success, hopefully the season will lead to better outcomes next season.

NUMBERS from Saturday Pennant (without prejudice for + against  eg 35/12 or 12/35)

Highest shots 117- 53 = 170 shots on the day – Chadstone 2

Lowest shots on a rink = 7/17 = 24 shots (21 ends) with 4 other rinks < 30 shots

Highest shots on a rink – 5 rinks > 50 shots


OPEN TWO BOWL – the draw is up

8 March

What a fantastic effort for a club that is under the pump from the Stonington Council, we have shown them what we are made of. We have pulled off the magnificent effort of having 3 sides in the finals from our 5 pennant teams.   

On the great news front the Mid-Week number ONE team played their Semi-final against Ashburton yesterday (Tues 6th) and had a fantastic win 73 shots to 44. They will now go on to play at Bentleigh BC on Thursday 8th against Armadale.

 The Chadstone Eagles number ONE side will be taking to the Chadstone greens on Saturday 10th for the first Semi-final against the Hawthorn Pirates.

As members of our club you are all very welcome to come along from 1pm to get behind your team, support your club and of course have a beer or two in the very convivial atmosphere that is the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club.

Whilst the Top side is playing Hawthorn the number TWO Side will be up the road at Mt Waverley Bowls playing their Semi-final. If you are in that vicinity please call in to cheer them along as well.

Nigel Maxwell

6 March 2018

Go Chaddy Go

Our Midweek team won against Ashburton today 6 March 2018 so will play Finals against Armadale at Bentleigh and will promoted next season.

Our 2 Saturday teams play semi FINALS this Saturday 10th March Chadstone 1 play Hawthorn 1 at HOME while Chadstone 2 play Mt Waverley 2 at Mt Waverley. Please call in and support them all. The Finals will be played on the Thursday and Sunday respectively.

SATURDAY  Chadstone 1 were a secure in 2nd but Chadstone 2 were 9 points in front of the 3 teams Oakleigh, Ashburton, Clayton, capable of replacing us in the four. Chaddy 2 only won one rink this week and Oakleigh, Ashburton, Clayton were unsuccessful too. The celebrations after the game culminated in a surprise 60th birthday party for one of our stalwarts Greg Brown.

The photos on the day -show a great shot by one of our novice bowlers Dennis – not quite a RESTING TOUCHER in the DITCH but 1 up. The other was nearly a game winning end 6 up apart from the opposition toucher in the ditch which reduced the Chaddy score to 2 up.

This game score was 71 to 76 Vermont South – who are 3rd

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