Game Options

  GAME OPTIONS      apart from regular alternate play nearest to jack

A flexible, progressive attitude to meet the needs of all people who wish to play bowls.

Embrace the challenge and increase your interest

 It is only LINE and LENGTH!

Feet           Grip           Stance       Bend          Step           Deliver

A-        Skins

Up to four bowlers per rink with up to four bowls each.

The bowl furthermost from the jack on each end is no longer playable.

Continue until there is only one bowler with bowls to play – the winner

B-        Driving competition   ‘bowl and giggle’

Three jacks 20cm apart – on the 21metre length.

3 points         Hitting the middle jack

2 points         Going between the jacks without hitting

1 point           Hitting one of the outside jacks

The first player to gain 12 points wins

C-        Drawing to the ditch – still on the green

(this can be varied by playing from either the centre of the rink to longest end possible)

3 points         < 1 mat width from the ditch

2 points         between a mat width to a mat length from the ditch

1 point           < 2metres from the ditch

D-       Scoring Bowls – finishing position – Sets play

5 points –      2 metres behind jack – 45 degrees either side of jack

3 points –     1 metre in front – 45 degrees either side of jack

1 point –       1 metre either side of jack 45 degrees from front to behind jack

Play 2 bowls each hand 5 ends – 20 bowls total        highest score- the winner

E- Scroungers – see specialized score cards 6 individual players

F- to finish

  • use our tyre in centre of green – 2 bowls each play off – see our website

G-   JUST  roll up  and enjoy the experience – ask for assistance

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