FREE junior membership!

LOOKING for the next challenge! Try Bowls

FREE junior membership!

CONTACT US to arrange a time for you and your friends, we encourage all to participate in LAWN BOWLS and the COACHING is FREE – NO OBLIGATION and at a time that is convenient for you – Weekends, Weekdays – just when it is convenient for you, your friends, family or work function or  call in any FRIDAY NIGHT during daylight saving 

EQUIPMENT – Bowls provided – Barefoot or flat soled shoes plus an enthusiastic YOU

Bowls is a popular participant sport for all with relaxed pace and comparatively light physical demands.  The sport is easily learned, but can take years to master. it is a precision sport where the goal is to roll slightly the asymmetrical balls/ bowls closer to the Jack than the opposition is able to do after all the bowls have been rolled

At one stage there were 3 generations playing in one team – a great accolade for the game and a treasured experience for those involved. One of the younger bowlers started playing in socks at 11 years and all this generation each played for over 10 years. This younger generation are no longer playing although they all still have a set of bowls in the cupboard, just in case there is an opportunity in their busy lives to roll a bowl.  Grandma has since died, but the over 60s are still actively involved

Bowling encompasses just 2 main ideas – Line and Length.

Line and length involves having your bowl finish within a particular area on the green not too wide, too narrow, too short or too long.

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