February 23rd 2018

23rd February

MIDWEEK PENNANT – 27 February -next week is last round of HOME and AWAY games and both teams will play at HOME.
Chadstone 1 play Auburn, are a secure 3rd on the ladder and will play either Ashburton or Mulgrave 6th March. If Chadstone 2 win against Bayswater they will finish 8th

There will be nibbles after the game for those who wish to have a drink

Our next event will be Classic Day Friday 13th April with a flyer attached – obviously volunteers will be required to make this another great event    https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1cnwicnzf8p55o/cbcclassic18bb.pdf?dl=0

15 minutes of practice almost always improves your game as demonstrated by Steve Cook last night. Yes the kitty is there TOO!


Perhaps an interesting link to share


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