Australia Day 2019 Saturday

Many thanks to our SOLE SPONSOR on the day Ryman  Healthcare  who provided show bags which were greatly appreciated by all our bowlers. Debbie and Denise from Rymans continue their ongoing interest and support of our club on this very successful event.

The 26 teams who participated in this 3 games of 12 end tournament managed just two 7s, three 6s, seven 5s, eleven 4s , eleven 3s with 228 single shots. Although the jack frequently travelled to the ditch there wasn’t a Resting Toucher in the Ditch.

There were 3 three game winners on the day after winning 22, 24, 27 ends of this 36 end day. Fourth Team to enter the play off was one of the 11 two game winners – who had won between 16  and 21 ends,  of which the choice came down to shots up between the 2 teams who had won 21 ends  49/27 (22 up) was more than  49/33 (16 up)

3 end play off Gary Senn vs Cookie’s Team                John Leitch vs Henny Cortenbach’s team

FINAL Gary Senn vs John Leitch’s team

Overall   Chadstone Australia Day 2019 Winner was Gary Senn’s Team from Ferntree Gully

Best 3rd Game Winner was Ryan Jones’ team 19 points, 21 shots up, was again decided on shots up with 3 teams on 19 points













Australia Day 4s  Tournament will be  on SATURDAY  26th January 2019 @ CHADSTONE

 Invitation  click here  cbcAust19

Entry $100 a team pay Cash on the day       email

3 games 13 ends. Top four  3 end roll off with 3 end final

Points 10 a win, 5 a draw, 1 each end won

Prizes $1,600 winner     $800 runner up     $240 3rd and 4th  $160 best 3rd game

Australia Day 4s Tournament 2018 Sponsored by Ryman Healthcare

24 teams played 3 games 12 ends with the winning 4 teams playing a 3 end play off. included players from Beaumaris, Clayton, Coatesville, Caulfield Park Alma, Elsternwick Park Essendon, Hampton RSL, MCC, Moorabbin, Mordialloc, Mulgrave, Murrumbeena Park, Somerville, South Oakleigh, SOC, Williamstown Bowls Club .

During the day there was just a one 7, two 6s and nine 5s while one team won 17 single shots over the 36 ends. One of the semi finals and the final were drawn after the 3 ends, so an extra end determined the WINNER

After Play Off

Winners Michael Symonds (Caulfield Park Alma)Team

Runners Up Glenn Cook (Clayton)Team

3rd & 4th      Anthony Flapper (Essendon) Team       Chris Hammer (Williamstown) Team

Best 3rd GAME       Scott Meajan (MCC) Team

For results and photos click

3 games of 13 ends Winning Team $1,600

For flyer Click on  Ccbcaust1801   

Australia Day 2017

These events are successful due to the efforts of all our WONDERFUL VOLUNTEER MEMBERS

24 teams with bowlers from Ashburton, Caulfield Park Alma, Chadstone, Coatesville, Elsternwick Club, Essendon, Hampton RSL, MCC, Moorabbin, Mulgrave CC, Murrumbeena Park, Oakleigh,  Ringwood, SOC, Werribee, Williamstown Bowls Clubs

In three games of 13 ends there were 2 sevens, 5 sixes, 5 fives, 32 fours and 279 ones achieved. Two rinks in the 1st   game (Jan Shaw vs Laurie Cochrane and Chris Hammer vs Kerry Disney) one in the 3rd game (Nick Cox vs Gary Fettes) scored just 17 shots over the 13 ends.

The 3 end Semi Final playoff was between teams skipped by

Essendon – Anthony Flapper vs Paul Daniel – MCC           Tony Wood – Ringwood vs Kerry Disney SOC

Final Essendon – Anthony Flapper vs Tony Wood – Ringwood

Winners A Flapper Essendon     Runner up Tony Wood – Ringwood

3rd and 4th Paul Daniel – MCC and Kerry Disney SOC

Best 3rd Game Cam Barnett – Hampton RSL – 24 shots up

Australia Day Finals 2016Australia Day Action 2016