Chadstone Bowls – 2016-17 Pennant Finals Action

Chadstone Bowls Club were successful in having two of their four teams playing in the Semi-Finals of the Saturday Pennant Lawn Bowls Competition for 2016/17.

Saturday 11 March  Chadstone (2) played Noble Park (2) and Chadstone (3) played Yarra Valley Country Club (2) at their home rinks at the picturesque Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park in Malvern East. The sun shone brightly throughout the day, tempered by a pleasant south-westerly breeze which was appreciated by all the players.

A very nice surprise was that during the afternoon, a news reporter and photographer from Channel 9, who had heard of our Clubs struggle to survive, arrived to interview various members of our Club, while also filming parts of the games being played on the rinks.

During the season Chadstone( 2) had met Noble Park (2) twice, with each team recording a win. At the afternoon tea break, 47 ends, Noble Park -led narrowly by seven shots, 51 to 44, with each team leading in two of the rinks.

After the break, Chadstone fought back well, and gained the lead. The lead then see-sawed between the two teams all the way to the last few ends. Maurice Feehan’s team won 14 ends including a great 6 and a 5, on consecutive ends 30-17, Nigel Maxwell’s Team  12 ends with a 5, winning 28-14. Bev Baxter’s team won 10 ends losing two 4s and a 5 and although Maurie Kicks team won a great 5, Noble Park eventually prevailed overall to win 89 to 84, after a titanic struggle to the last end, each team winning two rinks

The Chadstone (3) team had their two games during the season against Yarra Valley CC washed out for no result, so no previous experience was to help either team. 

At the tea break Yarra Valley led by eight shots, 28 to 20. Despite Graeme McCann’s team winning 20 to 12 , Chadstone (3) were  unable to make up the difference and the final result after 42 ends saw Yarra Valley successful by 14 shots, 39 to 25. As in other Semi-Final, each team shared the rinks with one win each

Another positive on the day was the meeting of 2 old friends, whose friendship spans 2 generations Bev – Chadstone and Barbara – Yarra Valley, both enthusiastic bowlers.

Although not winning, both Chadstone teams are to be congratulated as each Section of each Division has 10 Clubs competing for a Semi-Final place, so six teams are disappointed.

Although the Pennant season has ended, Triples are still played every week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday through the months of March, April, May, June and July, with the greens being given a rest in August before the commencement of the new season in September.

There is no gender discrimination in the teams, all players are treated equally.

The very successful Barefoot Bowls, which has proved to be very popular, especially with the younger generation, is also held every Friday night during the same months. Free training is offered to all prospective bowlers, whatever their age.


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