Round 6 Tuesday 30TH  October2018
Selector on Duty Lola McBride
Side Manager Lola McBride
CHADSTONE 1 –Div 2 Sect 7 VS Elwood 1 Home If you plan to go direct please ‘tag’ at the club or inform Side Manager     
Lead Terry Foster Roger Fraser Marian Lister
Second Bev Baxter Lola McBride Irene Lacey
Third Steve Lister Graeme Minniece Ian Belzer
Skip Alan Jolly Gary Tarrant Tony Beer
Early Duty Alan Jolly’s Team     Late Duty Tony Beer’s Team
CHADSTONE  2 Div 5 Sect 5 vs Hawtorn 1 Away If you plan to go direct please ‘tag’ at the club or inform Side Manager          1 Wood St      9kms – 20mins
Side Manager – Graeme McCann
Lead Sheila Ward Beryl Gillies Kathy Fullarton
Second Jennie Houston Janine Halls Wyn Hewett
Third Ron Williams Ness Wallace Nobby Ward
Skip Dennis Hewett Graeme McCann Ken Clearihan
Emergencies – Bob Glaister, Robert Dunlop, Barb Sandlers, Peter Salmon

September 25th       ROUND 1  

Tuesday – MIDWEEK 2018-19 DRAW

CHADSTONE   1                                 Div 2 Section 7 CHADSTONE 2

Div 5 Section 6

RND 1 25-Sep MCC 4 Home Glen Waverley 3 Away
RND 2 2-Oct Murrumbeena 1 Home MCC 7 Home
RND 3 9-Oct Coatesville 1 Home Blackburn 2 Away
RND 4 16-Oct Elsternwick Club 1 Away Vermont South 7 Home
RND 5 23-Oct Armadale 2 Away Glen Waverley 4 Home
RND 6 30-Oct Elwood 1 Home Hawthorn 1 Away
                                7-NOV- NO PENNANT  
RND 7 13-Nov Camberwell Central 1 Away North Balwyn 4 Home
                              21 Nov – NO PENNANT  
RND 8 27-Nov Caulfield Park Alma 2 Home Mt Waverley 2 Away
RND 9 4-Dec Ashburton 1 Away North Balwyn 5 Home
RND 10 11-Dec MCC 4 Away Glen Waverley Home
RND 11 18-Dec Murrumbeena 1 Away MCC 7 Away
RND 12 15-Jan Coatesville 1 Away Blackburn 2 Home
RND 13 22-Jan Elsternwick Club 1 Home Vermont South 7 Away
RND 14 29-Jan Armadale 2 Away Glen Waverley 4 Away
RND 15 5-Feb Elwood 1 Away Hawthorn 1 Home
RND 16 12-Feb Camberwell Central 1 Home North Balwyn 4 Away
RND 17 19-Feb Caulfield Park Alma 2 Away Mt Waverley 2 Home
RND 18 26-Feb Ashburton 1 Home North Balwyn 5 Away

2017 – 2018 SEASON

Our Pennant Season ended on a good note despite the fact that our second side faced the usual challenges of sometimes having to ply short of a full side which makes it disheartening and very, very difficult for everyone. In spite of this they soldiered on and put in their very best effort. Well done 2nd side.

What a wonderful result for our Midweek 1st side. We kept up the pace and made the final fourand then had a fantastic semi- final against Ashburton with a 29 shot win. Unfortunately we were beaten in the final game 2 days later by Armadale at Bentleigh by only 7 shots.

We have to feel pleased to have made it that far as runners up.  Well done everyone.

Thanks to those people who contributed throughout the season. Congratulations on a wonderful effort.

I must stress once again the importance of Midweek Pennant. Bowlers please think about committing to Pennant on a Tuesday for the 18 games to help make our season 2018-19 a really good one.

I would like to add my personal thanks to everyone for their generous co operation

Lola McBride Chairman Midweek Selectors


8th March Midweek  Chadstone 1 vs Armadale  @ Bentleigh. At Lunch break  overall scores were 21 to 38 down. Individual rinks 6/16 (included losing a 5 and 4), 5/15 and 10/7 . With just 2 ends to go 14/21, 12/22 and 22/13 total 48 to 55. Ron put down 2 great bowls so with 1 end to go 49 to 55 – needed 6 shots to draw. It wasn’t to be Chadstone had 3 of their 1st 5 bowls in the ditch, which meant the only option was a dead end – this just did not occur but a great game, and by winning the semi final Chadstone Midweek will be promoted back to Midweek Division 2

Our Midweek team won against Ashburton 6 March 2018 so played Finals against Armadale at Bentleigh and will promoted next season.

28 February

MIDWEEK  – Chadstone 2  had a great result WINNING both rinks against Bayswater so finished 8th

Chadstone 1 – finished 3rd despite losing all rinks on a difficult day and PLAY at ASHBURTON next TUESDAY – please come along to support

Tuesday Midweek Pennant Selectors this year are  Garry Byers, Lola McBride, Peter Salmon

The teams listed are as at initial Selection each Tuesday night and may not reflect final side



Please note – All bowlers wishing to have a bowl and not chosen in a team are welcome to come down for a roll – Protocol is that these bowlers wear their Bowls Australia attire – on Tuesdays and Saturdays

MIDWEEK  ~ CHADSTONE 1 Div 3 Section 7


RND 1 26-Sep Mulgrave CC 4            BYE
RND 2 3-Oct Bentleigh 1                  Bennettswood 5 Away
RND 3 10-Oct G’ Eira McKinnon 1    Doncaster 5 Away
RND 4 17-Oct Vermont South 4        Box Hill RSL 3 Home
RND 5 24-Oct Oakleigh 1                    Glen Waverley 4 Away
RND 6 31-Oct Ashburton 2                Heathmont 4 Home
RND 7 14-Nov Mentone 2                   Blackburn 3 Away
RND 8 28-Nov Armadale 3                  Chirnside Park 5 Home
RND 9 5-Dec Auburn 1                       Bayswater 3 Away
RND 10 12-Dec Mulgrave CC 4              BYE
RND 11 19-Dec Bentleigh 1                       Bennettswood 5 Home
RND 12 16-Jan G’ Eira McKinnon 1      Doncaster 5 Home
RND 13 23-Jan Vermont South 4         Box Hill RSL 3 Away
RND 14 30-Jan Oakleigh 1                     Glen Waverley 4 Home
RND 15 6-Feb Ashburton 2                   Heathmont 4 Away
RND 16 13-Feb Mentone 2                      Blackburn 3 Home
RND 17 20-Feb Armadale 3                    Chirnside Park 5 Away
RND 18 27-Feb Auburn 1                        Bayswater 3 Home

Please note – All bowlers wishing to have a bowl and not chosen in a team are welcome to come down for a roll

Season Dates  Round 1 September 26     Round 2  October 3           Round 3 October 10                    Round 4 October 17

Round 5 October 25          Round 6 October 31           Round 7 NOVEMBER 14       Round 8  November 28

Round 9 December 5        Round 10 December 12      Round 11 December 19              Round 12 JANUARY 16

Round 13 January 23        Round 14 January 30         Round 15 February 6                  Round 16  February 13

Round 17  February 20     Round 18 February 27
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