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Chadstone Members to RESPECT

            • The Club with every member being of equal importance
            • The Team
            • Rink Mates
            • The Opposition

Attempting to keep the OPPOSTION

to less than 15 shots should be the aim of a game

which is broken into 7 games of 3 ends = 21 ends.


In each game, each bowler plays 42 bowls @ 7 seconds a bowl – So concentration is important!

Cookie Appointed as our Coach for Season 2018/19 Glenn Cook or Cookie, as he is known to all in the bowls world, has accepted the position of Chadstone Bowls Club Coach for the upcoming season. Cookie accepted the position after Gary Tarrant stood down due to work and home commitments. Cookie is well known and respected having played Premier League at Clayton and Mentone as well as having had successful coaching stints with St Kilda and several other metropolitan clubs. A schedule of training and information sessions leading up to the start of pennant will be sent out soon and all members are encouraged to get involved and meet the coach as we prepare to make Chaddy Bowls great again.

Finally, a big thank you to Gary for his efforts last year. Many of us benefited from his coaching and as a skip his rink had a brilliant 15 win, 1 draw, 1 loss record. Gary also won the most consistent player award in to top side based on the weekly votes. We look forward to him repeating this in 2018/19.

Bev Baxter, Ian Belzer, Garry Byers, Mary Griffin and Maurie Kick are also our accredited coaches. 

Please approach any one of them to assist you and improve your results. 

Thursdays from 4pm there is regular practice where there is an opportunity to develop your strategies for achieving winning games. 

Lawn Bowls: How to be AWESOME

Coaching is a pivotal part of the sport of bowls and wheels are in motion to increase the number of coaches and the standard of help on offer to Victorian bowlers

Whether you’re a bowling beginner stepping onto the green for the first time or a decorated international bowler, coaching is essential.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a club coach making important adjustments to a newcomer’s natural style or a high-end analyst tweaking a finely-honed action, all players benefit from being coached.

This is hardly a revelation. It doesn’t matter what sport you are playing; if you want to improve then a good coach is imperative.
So where can bowlers look for help improving their game? All clubs should endeavour to have coaching available to its bowlers and the ambitious and a dedicated bowler might look outside of the club for further help. But in recent years there have been some issues with the coaching set-up in Victoria and beyond.

The good news is that measures have been put in place to rectify those issues and move towards a situation where there are more coaches for bowlers to utilise and more opportunities for coaches to train and develop.

If you want to check your performance in a game or at practice count your GOOD bowls and POOR bowls.

Lead – 19 out of 42 within a mat
Second  & Third – 19 out of 42 as asked for by skip
Skip – at least 5 conversions – if down at cross over, try to reduce the count, be in the head or obtain SHOT.

Also add to or protect a winning head as needed

The Division One standard to aim for is

GOOD BOWLS = >45% OK BOWLS = >30% POOR BOWLS = <25%  
2×21 ends (42 bowls) Draw Shot Scoring Guide  Weighted shots
GOOD BOWLS 45%. = 19 shots G =  < 1 mat from target spot G = hit target or just miss
OK BOWLS       30% = 13 shots O = 1 -2 mats from target spot O = OK = miss by < ½ mat
POOR BOWLS 25% = 10 shots P = > 2 mats from target spot P = miss by > ½ mat