What you can do to help

Mick2-borderWhat you can do to help

Here are some other ways you can help

  • Sign the petition and gain more signatures by spreading the word and encouraging others to sign it too – available at the Bowls Club and local traders on Chadstone Road.
  • Read all the information (see other tabs) so that you are aware of what Council is doing and saying and increase awareness by spreading the word.
  • Put up signs on your front fence, public noticeboard or shop windows to spread the word and show your support.
  • Write to the Stonnington Leader (even though they are running a ‘Support for Courts’ campaign). Click here for ‘How to voice your opinion’.
  • Put a yellow ribbon on your street tree or gate to show your support and upload a photo to social media using the hashtag #savechaddybowls.
  • Contact your local Members of Parliament, Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien, and ask for their support.
  • Get your local school, kindergarten, sporting club to write to Council.
  • Attend any public meetings that Council may have during the feasibility study.
  • We will be contacting talk back radio – so get on and let them know how unhappy you are with this decision!
  • Tell your neighbours and friends and get them involved (as their rate money is being wasted too!)
  • If your friends live in other areas of Stonnington get them to contact their ward Councillors
  • ‘Like’ and add your comments to the ‘Residents Against The Stadium’ Facebook page.

How to voice your opinion

Mick2-borderTo effectively get your message through to Stonnington Council or write Letters to the Editor we’ve listed some tips below.

For Questions to Council

Emails to be addressed as follows

To: council@stonnington.vic.gov.au

Subject: Questions to Council – Chadstone Bowls Club

cc all councillors – Refer to list of councillors’ email addresses below.

  • Each person is allowed only five questions (per council meeting)
  • Questions must be submitted by 10 am on the day of the Council meeting (or before).
  • Questions must include the name and address of the questioner and the date of the question.

Questions submitted this way have to be acknowledged at the Council Meeting.

If the person who submitted the questions is at the meeting, a summary of the questions (e.g. Regarding Chadstone Bowls Club)  will be read out, and a written reply will be sent within 14 days of the council meeting date.

If the questioner is not present, the council will respond in their usual standard correspondence timeframe.

By submitting your questions this way, all Councillors will know that questions are being asked and it keeps the pressure on Council officers

If you send questions to a Councillor, they can chose to reply or not.

Questions by facsimile or email are acceptable, or contact the Civic Support Officer on 8290 1331 for further methods of submitting questions.

Stonnington Council advises that questions may be rejected if the question is, or is potentially, defamatory, indecent, offensive, abusive, objectionable in language or substance, irrelevant, trivial, aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a member of Council staff, outside Council’s powers or functions, which has been asked at a previous Council meeting and a reply issued.

To keep track of the information that council is using, would you please forward your responses received from Stonnington Council (answering your submitted questions) by email to: chadstonebc@dodo.com.au.

Other Communications

For correspondence to a Councillor or Councillors or the CEO of Stonnington

Refer below for individual email addresses (Postal address 311 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144)

Suggested topics could be:

  • Why the bowls club is important to you
  • How long have you been a member
  • How has being a member been good for you or for others you know
  • What would you do if the bowls club wasn’t here
  • Share some history of the CBC
Mayor Cr Jami Klisaris

0427 333 471


Cr Glen Atwell

0429 106 772


Cr Sally Davis

0429 343 561


Cr John Chandler OAM

0417 771 288


Cr Marcia Griffin

0429 239 413


Cr Matthew Koce

0419 147 352


Cr Steve Stefanopoulos

0437 118 718


 Cr Judy Hindle

0429 202 574


Cr Melina Sehr

0417 773 644


City of Stonnington

Chief Executive Officer 

Warren Roberts
phone: 8290 1333

For Letters to the Editor 

The Leader  

Email: stonnington@leadernewspapers.com.au

Mail: The Editor, Stonnington Leader, Level 10, HWT Tower, 40 City Road, Southbank Vic 3006

Letters should carry correspondent’s full name, address, email address and daytime phone number

The Age


Herald Sun


Know Your Council – complaint resolution


Council Documents

City of Stonnington Older Persons Strategy
Refer pages  2, 4, 6
Note this document has not been superseded

City of Stonnington Recreation Strategy 2014-2024
Refer pages  3,4,5,6,9,10,11,13,15,21,23,25,29

Report to Council 21 November 2016 – Done under Confidential Business:
Indoor Stadium Proposal

General Business 5 December 2016
8. Stonnington Indoor Stadium

Site Options
54 Sites considered by council

Media Release City of Stonnington 8 December 2016
Released two days after committing $100,000 to a feasibility study to determine if the Chadstone Bowls Club is the right place for the development

Confidential business
How often Stonnington makes decisions behind closed doors

Questions submitted at Council Meetings

Letters to Council

Email to Councillors 16-12-2016

Email to Council 31-01-2017 – this is the option Council should be considering

Letter to Mayor

12 December 2016, from the Presidents of the CBC and CR&CC

Letter of Concern, K Zeibell, 20 Apr 2017 and Mayor’s Response

Important Club Update – Stonnington Council Announcement


Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club Inc

2 December 2016


Last Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, Nigel, Natasha and myself, Alan Jolly, met with 3 Stonnington Council employees:


Karen Watson, General Manager Community & Culture

Tony Oulton, Manager Community Facilities

Grant Smethurst, Recreation Services Coordinator, Community Facilities


The meeting was held at their request and the agenda was not clear. They informed us that on Thursday of this week there will be a paper released recommending that a feasibility study be undertaken to locate a netball facility on the site currently occupied by the bowls greens and the two club houses. This paper will be discussed and almost certainly ratified at a meeting of council on the following Monday.

This will be a protracted process with the study not likely to be finalised before July/August next year. The CR&CC, the Tennis Club, the Bowls Club and all interested individuals will be given the opportunity to contribute to the study.

We will create a special committee to represent CR&CC throughout the process and drive towards the best outcome that we can achieve. Expressions of interest will be sought once position descriptions are finalised.

We realise that this news will come as a shock as it did to us last week but we need to stay positive as we work through the process. It is business as usual for now and the Chadstone Bowls and Tennis Clubs are guaranteed to be staying put for the 2017/18 season.

Please feel free to discuss this with any of the committee members in person.

Cheers for now – Go Chaddy!


Alan Jolly                           Natasha Menchikova                       Nigel Maxwell

President CR&CC             President Tennis                              President Bowls