April 2018

CHADSTONE BOWLS CLUB CLASSIC DAY 13 April 2018 to see photos and results click on link


Ladies Pairs Final 3 bowl pairs 18 ends

This was a replay of last year Lola Mc Bride- Bev Baxter vs Terry Foster- Irene Lacey

Terry – Irene won a 3 on first 2 ends, 6 up. Then Lola- Bev decided to party winning 7 of next 8 ends.   Score Lola- Bev 11 vs Terry- Irene 7, on 10th end. Terry’s grandson, Mark and his wife Jill arrived, Terry – Irene decided they needed to impress Mark & Jill and that the Lola- Bev party was over managing to win the next 7 ends. Lola – Bev did not give up, winning 2 on the last end but it was far too late           End score Terry- Irene 18 vs Lola- Bev 13

Congratulations – Chadstone Bowls Ladies Pairs Champions 2017 – 18    Terry Foster – Irene Lacey

 Mixed Pairs Final  3 bowl pairs 18 ends

All bowlers were vying to be on the Championship board for the first time Jennie Houston – Andrew Jackson vs Janine Halls- Nigel Maxwell. It was a game where Janine- Nigel have been bowling over 10 years while Jennie and Andrew less than 3 years. Janine – Nigel won 2 on first end but Jennie- Andrew won the next 7 ends Score  Jennie- Andrew 9 shots up. It was a very tense game with Janine- Nigel going on to win 7 of the last 9 ends, so that going into the last end the score was Jennie- Andrew 14 vs Janine- Nigel 13.  As the sun was setting in the west it was after 6pm, the dynamic duo of Jennie – Andrew were 1 up on the crossover Andrew  managed to draw 2 awesome bowls for a great 3 –  so 4 up – 17-13

Congratulations – Chadstone Bowls Mixed Pairs Champions 2017 – 18     Jennie Houston – Andrew Jackson

Nigel, Janine, Jennie, Andrew

Thursdays from 12.30pm – there will be up to an hour of set heads – to stimulate your game followed by perhaps 5 ends of 4 bowls each – so please drop in -come along – Novice and experienced, barefoot bowlers – ALL WELCOME

Friday 13th April – Classic Day – please let Wyn know if you able to assist from 9am for an hour or two – set up usually on the Thursday

Monday Social Bowls – list at the Club  for next Monday 16th April

PRESIDENTS TRIPLES –Sponsored by Scott Partners  http://www.scottpartners.com.au

 LAST ROUND 14th April – LIST at the CLUB   PRIZE MONEY $175 start 1PM

Please make an effort to come and show Nigel support

 URGENT BOWLS SHIRTS – Aspect have agreed to replace them, BUT would like to see up to 15 examples of the pilling – Could you please leave your shirt at the club? – with your name on it and I will return them ASAP!

Hoodies – please check your size – $75 each – extra stock in office see Nigel/ Bev

Thursdays from 12.30pm – there will be up to an hour of set heads – to stimulate your game followed by perhaps 5 ends of 4 bowls each – so please drop in -come along – Novice and experienced, barefoot bowlers – ALL WELCOME

February 23rd 2018

23rd February

MIDWEEK PENNANT – 27 February -next week is last round of HOME and AWAY games and both teams will play at HOME.
Chadstone 1 play Auburn, are a secure 3rd on the ladder and will play either Ashburton or Mulgrave 6th March. If Chadstone 2 win against Bayswater they will finish 8th

There will be nibbles after the game for those who wish to have a drink

Our next event will be Classic Day Friday 13th April with a flyer attached – obviously volunteers will be required to make this another great event    https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1cnwicnzf8p55o/cbcclassic18bb.pdf?dl=0

15 minutes of practice almost always improves your game as demonstrated by Steve Cook last night. Yes the kitty is there TOO!


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Weekly News February 2018

16  February 2018

As now into last weeks of Pennant Season – just 2 weeks to go

 Midweek  – 27 Feb – the last week  before FINALS will be home games

Chadstone 1 currently 3rd  by just 6 points  – from Armadale 144, Bentleigh 127, Auburn 119 Playing Armadale away and Auburn so need to win as many rinks as possible, in these last 2 games to retain  a place in the FOUR!

Chadstone 2 have participated without great success, so for these last 2 weeks there will be recognition of touchers – $20 & $10 for the bowlers with most touchers in these games – 2nds to keep track please

Saturday – 3 March – the last game before FINALS Chadstone 2 and 3 will be home games

Chadstone 1 – now 2nd – but need to also win as many rinks as possible to retain home game 1st round of finals – playing Vermont South at home and MCC Away in these games

Chadstone 2 – currently 4th by 15 points – from Oakleigh but need to win as many rinks as possible in these last 2 games as potentially there are 4 sides who could oust us.

Chadstone Bowls Club Mens Pairs Final

Frank Talarico- Bill Harrison vs Greg Brown- Gary Fettes

At end 6 score was just3 each, but then Greg – Gary managed to adjust to the conditions winning the next 6 ends. Frank – Bill managed to win 2 of the last 3 ends, it was just too late in this cut throat 18 end game of which 12 were decided by a single shot. 

Congratulations – Chadstone Bowls Mens Pairs Champions 2017 – 18!

Greg Brown- Gary Fettes

As a guide to marking the player performance sheet each week …and your own practice

To check your performance in a game or at practice count your GOOD and POOR bowls.

Lead – 19 out of 42 within a mat

Second  & Third – 19 out of 42 as asked for by skip

Skip – at least 5 conversions – if down at cross over, try to reduce the count, be in the head or obtain SHOT. Also add to or protect a winning head as needed

Division One standard – so this the HIGH BAR

GOOD BOWLS = >45% OK BOWLS = >30% POOR BOWLS = <25%  
2×21 ends (42 bowls) Draw Shot Scoring Guide  Weighted shots
GOOD BOWLS 45%. = 19 shots G =  < 1 mat from target spot G = hit target or just miss
OK BOWLS       30% = 13 shots O = 1 -2 mats from target spot O = OK = miss by < ½ mat
POOR BOWLS 25% = 10 shots P = > 2 mats from target spot P = miss by > ½ mat

5 February

Mens Pairs Final TUESDAY  5pm 13th February  Bill Harrison –Frank Talarico vs Gary Fettes- Greg Brown

Adjust Fixture – 26 February will be a normal social bowls event – Tatts bowlers will NOT be visiting

AMENDMENT – Pairs (Mixed, Ladies, Mens) ALL rounds JUST 15 ends– FINALS 18 ENDS replay dead ends

If a draw – toss for mat on extra end(s)

Mixed and LADIES Pairs – draw is up please organise your games add information to white board pleae

 HOODIES have arrived see Nigel,(as have the extra uniforms)

Website is currently being adjusted – please visit and provide relevant feedback – or any information you think should be added – there are photos of shots – our garden plus ….

90th anniversary lunch 13th Malvern Scout Group, Oak Grove Scout hall on 17 March, 2018. Flyer at Club

SKILLS training booklet

For your added enjoyment – practice enhances the outcomes – as does approaching a coach for assistance

Our accredited coaches – Gary Tarrant, Ian Belzer, Maurie Kick, Garry Byers, Bev Baxter

There are practice items at the club which can be used in conjunction with the Skills Training booklet


Game Options

  GAME OPTIONS      apart from regular alternate play nearest to jack

A flexible, progressive attitude to meet the needs of all people who wish to play bowls.

Embrace the challenge and increase your interest

 It is only LINE and LENGTH!

Feet           Grip           Stance       Bend          Step           Deliver

A-        Skins

Up to four bowlers per rink with up to four bowls each.

The bowl furthermost from the jack on each end is no longer playable.

Continue until there is only one bowler with bowls to play – the winner

B-        Driving competition   ‘bowl and giggle’

Three jacks 20cm apart – on the 21metre length.

3 points         Hitting the middle jack

2 points         Going between the jacks without hitting

1 point           Hitting one of the outside jacks

The first player to gain 12 points wins

C-        Drawing to the ditch – still on the green

(this can be varied by playing from either the centre of the rink to longest end possible)

3 points         < 1 mat width from the ditch

2 points         between a mat width to a mat length from the ditch

1 point           < 2metres from the ditch

D-       Scoring Bowls – finishing position – Sets play

5 points –      2 metres behind jack – 45 degrees either side of jack

3 points –     1 metre in front – 45 degrees either side of jack

1 point –       1 metre either side of jack 45 degrees from front to behind jack

Play 2 bowls each hand 5 ends – 20 bowls total        highest score- the winner

E- Scroungers – see specialized score cards 6 individual players

F- to finish

  • use our tyre in centre of green – 2 bowls each play off – see our website

G-   JUST  roll up  and enjoy the experience – ask for assistance

Weekly News January 2018

15 January 2018
following on from Last Saturday as per BV Conditions of Play August 2017 (these are available on Bowls Vic website)
Division 4 Sect 6 Chadstone 1– 3 matches completed Division 5 Sect 7 Chadstone 2 – 1 match completed Division 7 Sect 6 – 2 matches completed – 5 matches in each section
35 Points will be shared by Sides when all matches scheduled for that day are abandoned.
36 Points when play is abandoned and less than half the matches in the Section are completed
36.1 All matches in that Section are deemed a tie.
36.2 A forfeit or walkover in that Section will count as a completed match. Each Side will share equally the maximum points available. It will be a tie unless the scores are such that one Side must win the match if all the remaining ends were played.
62 When Play cannot commence
62.2 If after 1 hour of play being suspended the match cannot commence, the match is abandoned.
63 Play cannot continue after play has commenced
63.1 If at any time after play commences, play cannot continue, play may be suspended for up to 1 hour.
63.2 Every effort must be made to complete any ends in progress prior to leaving the green.
63.3 If after 1 hour of play being suspended play cannot recommence, the match is abandoned.
Clubs may not play on a Sunday unless approval is granted by BV.

Note there are copies of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls which include the Domestic Regulations available at the Club for $9 or utilise the club copies as required


Players from SBR Clubs Only   Entries close Play
Cost $50 FINE if Forfeit
Singles Over 60s Mens – 21 up over 60 at 4 Oct $15 26-Sep 4,5,6 Oct
Singles Novice Mens 21 up $15 3-Oct 6.30pm 18,19, 23, 25 Oct, SUN 4 Feb Finals 8,9 Nov
Singles Novice WOMENS 21 up $15 3-Oct 6.30pm 18, 23, 25 Oct, Sun 4 Feb
Pairs Over 60 Mens 15ends 2x2x2x2 $30 3-Oct 18, 19, 20 Oct
2 Bowl Triples Mens 18 ends $45 3-Oct 15, 22, 29 Oct
Singles Mens 25up $15 31-Oct 10, 17 Dec, 7,8 Jan
Pairs Mens 18 ends 2x2x2x2 $30 31-Oct 5.12,26 Nov
Pairs Mixed 18 ends 2x2x2x2 $30 2-Jan SUN 14 Jan, Wed 6.30PM 17,24, 31 Jan, 2 Feb
Fours MENS – 18 ends $60 16-Jan 11, 18, 21 Feb
Champion of Champions Mens 25 up $15 18-Jan 28 Jan, 4 Feb, 6.30pm 5, 7 Feb
Champion of Champions Womens 25 up $15 16-Jan 28 Jan, 4 Feb, 6.30pm 5, 7 Feb
Singles – Losers may need to mark next round – $50 fine if refuse  
Novice – This event is open to bowlers who have not been affiliated with any bowling association and affiliated for the first time with Bowls Victoria after the *1st July 2016 and are a member of a Club in the Sandbelt Bowls Region. *Clubs must determine eligibility.
See BEV or Sandbelt Region Website for FULL information –