Member Update #8 May 2018

Stadium Stakeholder Group – Confirmed First Meeting Early June

Local Trader – Jimi Tsinis

Residents                 Julie Elliot               Joseph Gianfiddo                            Bill Gray

Basketball Vic                 Wayne Bird ( Mark Hubbard)                     Netball Assn               Linda Rowland (Kate Campbell)

Tooronga Cricket Club  Noel Fiddock (Burt Prahran)                      Lacrosse Club              Scott Filliponi (Erin Mullner)

Tennis Club                       Natasha Menchikova (Joshua Fisher)    Chadstone Bowls Club   Nigel Maxwell (Janine Halls)

Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club Inc   Alan Jolly (Denise Wallish)


If you are a Stonnington resident, you will have received your “invitation” to attend
the next East Ward meeting which will be held on the 23rd May, 7pm at Phoenix
We are urging all members, regardless of where they reside, to attend. The fight to
save our club and our facilities is not over by a long shot.
Council believe that we have accepted the decision they made in October 2017, to
proceed with a Master-plan for all of Percy Treyvaud Park.
Well we weren’t given a choice, were we!
The Feasibility Study did not conclude that it was Feasible to put the stadium on the
bowls club site – on the contrary. The absolute absurdity of knocking down the
bowls clubrooms, bowling greens, etc, only to rebuild them again within the “affected
area” is ludicrous and wasteful.
We are all aware that there is not enough room for the current users, AND, an
indoor sports stadium without encroaching onto open space.  Click on link to read MORE …

Members Update May 2018

May 2018

SATURDAY Pennant Pre Season Schedule
On the back of 2 sides in the finals & the third side finishing strongly last season, it’s time to get ready for 2018/19

Cookie will be running training sessions in June, July and August leading up to practice matches in September before Pennant starts on 6 October.
So save these dates and times and get around your team mates as we prepare for a successful season.

Practice and Information Sessions (proceed regardless of weather) cover range of topics including:

Etiquette, technical and tactical aspects                       Practical time on the greens

SUNDAYS     2-4 pm        24th June        29th July         26th August
SATURDAYS       1st September    Opening of the Greens   – Intra Club Competition
8th , 15th, 22 September (Opposition to be confirmed)
29th September GRAND FINAL DAY – Intra club competition at 10.30am

followed by BBQ and watching football