CBC Invitation 4’s

CBC Invitation 4s 27 Oct 17

Invitation 4s 

(formerly Gala Day) 20 October 2017

Proudly sponsored by Bruce Caldwell Pharmacy (John Lam), Chadoak Pty Ltd and East Malvern Community Branch Bendigo Bank who ensure the ongoing success of these events, as do the bowlers who come along on the day

As per the Conditions of Play, there was only one two game winner, so the runner up went to the most shots up on the day.  It is possibly worth noting that following on from our Classic Day in April, a WOMENS Team from Mulgrave CC were the overall winners on the day

Winners – Mulgrave CC – Dianne Quigley, Helma Simpson, Marg Anderson, Barbara Eaton

Runners Up – MCC Kew Heights – Virginia Crean, G Unnin, Jill Donaldson, Rod Donaldson

Best 1st Game – Beaumaris – Linda Edwards, Frank Garden, Kevin Pattison, Wendy Davis

Best 2nd Game – Glen Waverley – Margaret Bryan, Sam Bennett, Trish Martin, Aileen Hill

On the day 16 teams- 2 games of 12 ends meant 192 ends in total with 1 x six, 8 x five, 10 x four, 23x three, 42 x two,108 x a single shot. One team had 11 single shots in their 24 ends on the day and there were 6 games of just 19 shots over 12 ends

These events are not possible without the great VOLUNTEERING ethic of the LAWN BOWLS community from Ness Wallace – the Convenor, green preparation, bar staff to the mighty efforts of the members who provide the catering on the day.


Players from SBR Clubs Only   Entries close Play
Cost $50 FINE if Forfeit
Singles Over 60s Mens – 21 up over 60 at 4 Oct $15 26-Sep 4,5,6 Oct
Singles Novice Mens 21 up $15 3-Oct 6.30pm 18,19, 23, 25 Oct, SUN 4 Feb Finals 8,9 Nov
Singles Novice WOMENS 21 up $15 3-Oct 6.30pm 18, 23, 25 Oct, Sun 4 Feb
Pairs Over 60 Mens 15ends 2x2x2x2 $30 3-Oct 18, 19, 20 Oct
2 Bowl Triples Mens 18 ends $45 3-Oct 15, 22, 29 Oct
Singles Mens 25up $15 31-Oct 10, 17 Dec, 7,8 Jan
Pairs Mens 18 ends 2x2x2x2 $30 31-Oct 5.12,26 Nov
Pairs Mixed 18 ends 2x2x2x2 $30 2-Jan SUN 14 Jan, Wed 6.30PM 17,24, 31 Jan, 2 Feb
Fours MENS – 18 ends $60 16-Jan 11, 18, 21 Feb
Champion of Champions Mens 25 up $15 18-Jan 28 Jan, 4 Feb, 6.30pm 5, 7 Feb
Champion of Champions Womens 25 up $15 16-Jan 28 Jan, 4 Feb, 6.30pm 5, 7 Feb
Singles – Losers may need to mark next round – $50 fine if refuse  
Novice – This event is open to bowlers who have not been affiliated with any bowling association and affiliated for the first time with Bowls Victoria after the *1st July 2016 and are a member of a Club in the Sandbelt Bowls Region. *Clubs must determine eligibility.
See BEV or Sandbelt Region Website for FULL information –